Copper Clad Gutters and Roofing the Latest Thing in Roofing Trends, a leading supplier of rain gutter products, has just released a new line of CopperPlus (Copper Clad Stainless Steel) gutter and roofing products.

CopperPlus is an architectural metal made of stainless steel clad with a copper exterior. CopperPlus combines the beauty of copper with the strength and durability of stainless steel.

Copper remains one of the most sought-after decorative building materials. But as the demand for copper increases, prices have risen. By utilizing the lower cost, and superior qualities of Stainless Steel, and combining it with the aesthetic beauty of solid copper, CopperPlus is an affordable solution.

Since it's made with real copper, CopperPlus has all the charm you expect from pure copper. It exudes a rich patina that ages and matures as only real copper can.

Durable, Easy To Work With

CopperPlus roofing and gutter products are easy to work with. The metal cuts easily using standard tools, including your existing gutter machine. The steel core also retains heat better than pure copper, which makes it easier to solder.

By bonding the copper with steel, CopperPlus makes a more durable product.

It accepts severe forming and can be formed into intricate shapes. The material can be bent flat on itself without separating the bonded layers or cracking the material. The stainless steel core provides better resistance to metal fatigue and erosion problems. While CopperPlus is soft on the outside, its core is tough as nails.

It is a lightweight alternative to pure copper that offers reduced expansion, faster soldering and remarkable formability, which makes it easier to install and puts less weight on your roof.

CopperPlus features lower thermal expansion than pure copper, which means you need fewer expansion joints in your rain drainage system. It also means there is less chance for solder joints to fail due to expansion and contraction.

CopperPlus products are manufactured by roll bonding. This process is based on solid-state welding technology, and uses no adhesive or brazing alloys. The manufacturing process creates a permanent, high integrity bond between the stainless steel and copper layers that makes for a durable product. At, CopperPlus products come with a 25 year warranty.

Not Just For Gutters

CopperPlus can be used in a wide range of projects, including roofing, gutters and sheet metal fabrication. In additional to selling gutter products made with CopperPlus, also sells sheets and coils, roof flashings, valleys and many more products manufactured with the metal. The company will also fabricate products to meet your design specs.

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