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Heated Floor Mat Dries Boots, Adds Portable Comfort at Home

Martinson-Nicholls new Greener Heat Heated Floor Mats provide a safe, portable heat source for home use. The 24-volt, low voltage heated mats are a safe alternative to space heaters, and may be used in a variety of applications around the home.

Heated floor mats

Designed for dry environments, the heated mat can be used in any indoor cold area, such as a garage, basement, barn, in front of drafty windows or doors. The Greener Heat Mat is also an anti-fatigue floor mat, allowing one to stand on it comfortably for long periods of time. The heated mat can help warm areas near drafty doors and windows with its radiant heat.

Using only 24 volts and 72 watts, Dan Ruminski points out, "The Greener Heat mat costs about as much as a light bulb to operate, far less than space heaters." Measuring 17.5 x 29.5 inches, the heated mat produces 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit of radiant heat.

"All of us will be turning down our thermostats this winter in an attempt to save on our energy costs" continues Dan Ruminski, president of Warmer Winter, LLC. "The heated mat for your home now gives the home owner a safer, portable source of heat."

This new heated floor mat is also effective for drying wet shoes or boots, warming slippers, socks and even children's coats, hats and gloves. It adds comfort to bedside floors and unheated closets in winter months. Unlike space heaters, the heated mat may even be placed over a foot stool or recliner for increased comfort and circulation. States Dan Ruminski, "I have used the heated mat on my leather foot stool with great results."

When placed close to where one is sitting, the new heated mat generates enough heat to create a more comfortable environment. An optional timer option allows the mat warm areas before one uses them, or shut it off when not needed.

The heated mat is not for use in bathroom areas due to excessive moisture in this area. The heated mat, a safer, greener alternative for the energy conscious consumer.

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