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Condensation control from Marley Roofing

There have been some ambiguous ‘no need to ventilate’ messages dominating the building press recently which, conflict with numerous real life cases of condensation in roof spaces, with wet rotting timbers and leaking membranes being exposed by professionals across the UK.

This has been brought to a conclusion following the ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority that claims about the Du Pont Tyvek non-ventilated pitched roof system are untrue. The importance of following the guidance in BS 5250: 2002, which includes the provision of ventilation in the roof design, has become all the more apparent.

Attractive as the claims may seem, that roof space and batten cavity ventilation are unnecessary, reality exposes these claims as misleading. Improvements in roof and wall insulation, and changes in building use and life style, such as the frequent use of moisture generating household appliances, have led to greatly increased quantities of water vapour in modern buildings. This water vapour naturally ascends to the roof space, where it can condense on contact with cooler surfaces. The condensation can eventually result in timber rot, metal corrosion and damage to both insulation and other building components. Not the most desirable of results!

To assist the designer in meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations, Marley Roofing has developed a range of ventilation accessories that combine discreet and aesthetic solutions with high efficiency to remove moisture-laden air and gases. This comprehensive range is designed to ventilate roof voids at eaves and at the ridge, or top abutment, and also via terminals at the ridge or in the roof slope for connection to mechanical extract systems, gas flues and soil vent pipes - thereby allowing easy provision of precise amounts of free airspace in tile and slate roofs.

John Dodd, General Technical Manager for Marley Roofing commented: “The fact of the matter is that the Building Regulations have detailed specific requirements to limit the risk of harmful condensation in roofs. Wherever practicable, free airspace should be provided at eaves and ridge to ensure that effective ventilation of the whole roof is achieved.”

Ventilation is a long term, proven solution to solve the problems of condensation in the roofspace. Marley Roofing provides an essential and informative brochure, detailing the benefits of its roof ventilation systems.

Source: Communique PR

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