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Tips to Prevent Roof Collapse from Record Snowfalls

Drexel Metals Corporation expresses concern about the damage that can occur to roofs from the record snowfall. The ski slopes are plenty happy with the record snow falls in New England. However, the slopes of many residential and commercial roofs have suffered roof leaks and even collapsed under the weight of the snow.

Drexel Metals suggests options for building owners and homeowners to protect their roofs from damage and collapse.

Roofing contractors receive hundreds of calls a month from owners looking for solutions to end problems during the winter freeze and thaw cycles that can abuse certain roof systems. Ice dams form during these cycles and create a tremendous amount of weight, lift shingles and cause roof leaks. Ice dams are mainly caused by heat loss that escapes out of the owners building at the eaves of the roof. These ice dams are adding to energy costs and shortening the lifecycle of the roof system. The solution requires adding additional insulation at the eaves and installing a metal roof.

Metal Roofing has continued to gain market share due to its ability to resist weather ailments such as these. The large smooth surface and Kynar paint system (similar to Teflon®) is the perfect combination to get the snow to slide off the roof eliminating ice damming.

There are a few types of metal roof systems used in New England. The best in their opinion is any concealed fastened system like a standing seam or snap lock system. Standing Seam is a traditional product that is installed using internal clips and seamed together. The snap lock simply snaps together using an internal clip system, which provides owners with a completely water tight roof system. Each panel is installed as one continuous product from eave to ridge enabling snow & water shedding. Metal roofs weigh about a pound per square foot and therefore will provide less weight on a structure than a traditional asphalt roof.

Although metal roofs do cost about twice as much as an asphalt roof at its initial investment, the life cycle cost will be a lot less. A shingle roof may need to be replaced 3 to 4 times before a metal roof. Metal roofs will provide years of maintenance free roofing, are offered with 35 year paint warranties, are energy efficient, are recyclable, resist acid rain, and are wind resistant. It will be the last roof that many owners will ever need to install.

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