Construction Loan Secrets Revealed in Free eBook

A construction loan expert has written an eye-opening e-book that reveals "inside secrets" to help consumers choose the best construction loan for their needs and save thousands of dollars in the process. The book, authored by Rick Gomez, is entitled "15 Things You Should Know before You Even Think about Applying for a Construction Loan."

As the title indicates, the revealing book is packed with construction loan trade secrets that the average consumer doesn't know. "Some of the things you will learn in this report are industry secrets and most loan officers and lenders will panic at the sight of the information in this e-book such as how loan officers structure their construction loans for profit or how loan officers price out their commissions," Gomez says in the book's introduction.

The e-book encompasses nearly 30 pages of valuable information aimed to demystify the topic of construction loans. It provides answers to important questions, including:

  • Which lenders/banks have the best construction loans?
  • Should you lock in your construction loan before you start building or let the interest rate float?
  • Qualifying for your construction loan, exactly how is that done?
  • Should you hire a builder, supervisor or become an owner?
  • How does your builder get paid while your home is being built and why it matters to them?
  • What type of construction loan insurance is required and who is required to obtain it?

The book also covers complex concepts such as interest reserves and contingency funds; loan to value and loan to cost; and the old bait and switch trick. In addition, Gomez shares his views on the importance of borrowers choosing an experienced construction loan specialist and selecting loan programs that offer protection before, during and after construction. "After reading this free e-book, most families will be well armed in obtaining a great loan," Gomez says.

Gomez's rationale for writing the consumer-oriented book is simple: "I wrote this report to help you strip away all of the construction loan mysteries out there and help you find the best loans, best rates and best service," he explains in the book. "I have personally built two homes over the past 20 years and have funded millions of dollars of construction loans for customers just like you."

Gomez is well qualified to write an e-book on the subject of construction loans. He is the owner and president of Nationwide Construction Loans Inc., a California-based company that offers an array of construction loans through its affiliation with independent mortgage broker 1st Metropolitan Mortgage. Gomez has personally been a construction loan officer helping families build their dream home since 1984. He has extensive experience in all aspects of building a new home. He is dedicated to helping families find the best construction loan that best fits their home building requirements.

To learn more about construction loans or to download a free copy of Gomez's enlightening e-book, visit or

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