Saving energy and money by insulating pipes with elastomeric insulations

The waste of energy has a highly negative impact in todays environment and is something that we can all help to reduce economically by using pipework insulation. Given the thickness requirement in current legislation to meet environmental thickness tables, and the design structure of many UK and Irish buildings, in many cases it is not physically possible to install the specified insulation thickness.

For existing pipe work installations having limited space between the pipes to install insulation is very often the reason (excuse) not to install it. Typical examples of this are in locations such as:

  • Service shafts, Under floors, Suspended and Enclosed Ceiling structures, Visible pipework

These can be found in :-

  • Local Authority Housing, Owner Occupied Housing
  • Local Government Buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Libraries etc.
  • General Industrial and Commercial Buildings

The easiest and quickest method to insulate already existing pipework is to use elastomeric (nitrile rubber) insulation material. This highly flexible non-fibrous insulation material makes safe application easy, especially in areas of limited available working space.

Elastomeric insulations biggest asset is it's excellent thermal efficiency. For example - with Class O Armaflex you can save up to 87% energy in typical domestic applications when compared to un-insulated pipes. Class 0 Armaflex is available in tube, self adhesive tube and sheet form to suit all kinds of application areas and also meets current UK and Irish fire regulations requirements.


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