Do It Yourself Sustainable Spray Foam Insulation

SprayMax Industrial Coatings Inc. announces the launch of SoyThane, bio spray-in-place urethane foam made from regrowable or renewable alternative energy sources. The do-it-yourself spray foam insulation is the latest addition to SprayMax's growing line of do-it-yourself cartridge products.

"We need to use all forms of alternative energy. SoyThane does this in two ways: The B Side is 32 percent bio, made from regrowable energy. SoyThane is a spray-in-place urethane foam insulation that saves building owners both on heat loss and heat gain. Each ounce of alternative energy used or saved decreases our dependency on oil from Third World countries," says Tom Hay, COO of SprayMax.

The key to the application of this do-it-yourself spray foam insulation is the SprayMax FastKick combination spray gun/proportioner. This unique small piece of equipment is very user friendly -- no electricity or heat is required, only an air compressor capable of 10CFM at 100PSI.

"The back of the Fast Kick is a small air motor. When the trigger is pulled, the air motor moves forward, pushing two rods attached to the one air motor, so equal volume and pressure is always kept 100 percent constant. The rods push through both the 'A' and 'B' ports and pushes the material through a static mixing tube to mix into one chemical," Hay says. "At the end of the static mixing tube is an air atomizer that compresses the material as it leaves the static mixer into a controlled pattern. When the material hits the wall or substrate, it instantly starts to expand 40 times its volume making a closed cell, monolithic insulated seal. The person spraying can apply any thickness desired for their own maximum benefit. When the cartridge is empty, the sprayer simply pushes a button in the back, pulls the trigger, and the air motor and rods retract back to the original position. At this time, another cartridge is installed for spray, or the applicator simply hangs up the Fast Kick. There is no clean up, as no material actually goes through the Fast Kick Gun."

The alternative energy spray foam insulation cartridges are VOC free and not hazmat, so disposal is simple -- just throw the cartridge away. This non-hazmat material also reduces freight charges, as it ships under Class 55, the lowest rate given by transport companies.

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