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Drywall Being Recycled into Soil Conditioner

USA Gypsum has released a new product, granular gypsum, which consists of 100% recycled drywall and is a soil conditioner for farm or home use. Granular gypsum improves lawns, gardens, and crops by loosening hard soil fast which allows air to penetrate the soil, provides calcium and sulfur that are nutrients crucial to plant growth, and counteracts ice-melting salt damage and animal yard spots. New features of granular gypsum, compared to other gypsum products, include low dust content and free flowing qualities. It can be applied with any type of fertilizer spreader.

The drywall scraps used in recycling are gathered from new construction projects. USA Gypsum offers a variety of convenient collection methods. Businesses can cut down on disposal costs while helping the environment by preventing scraps from reaching landfills. USA Gypsum offers on site roll-off container service for the customer's convenience. USA Gypsum complies with LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green building rating reporting system.

For ten years, USA Gypsum has been revolutionizing the recycling business, even before the boom in the green industry. There are so many benefits to be had through this process. Instead of mining for more gypsum, natural resources can be conserved by recycling drywall scraps. Also, by recycling drywall scraps it reduces the amount being placed in landfills which are problematic due to the air and water contamination from hydrogen sulfide. Recycling drywall scraps into animal bedding reduces deforestation by eliminating the need to use wood chips as animal bedding. Finally, energy for transportation is conserved because most gypsum used in the northeast is imported from Canada, Mexico, and Spain. Imports and energy costs can be cut by the production of gypsum here in the northeast.

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