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Formulators Announce PowerGrip High Performance Flooring Adhesives

Formulators has introduced a line of nine PowerGrip High-Performance Flooring Adhesives for VCT, sheet vinyl, rubber, wood, bamboo, quartz, linoleum, carpet tile and sports flooring. PowerGrip adhesives provide up to twice the moisture-resistance of conventional flooring adhesives and come with extensive 10 year warranties. Each PowerGrip flooring adhesive is custom-formulated to bond with a specific flooring material, forming an exceptionally strong, moisture-resistant bond. PowerGrip adhesives dry quickly and allow for same day installation.

PowerGrip provides a ten-year warranted moisture resistance to eight pounds moisture-vapor-emissions-rate (MVER) at a cost of 16 cents per square foot for water-based chemistry and 26 cents per square foot for moisture-cure. This compares to approximately three pounds MVER commonly warranted by flooring manufacturers for their own, recommended or off-the-shelf adhesives. PowerGrip's benefits are realized when readings of four to six pounds MVER occur, most commonly in concrete slabs. PowerGrip provides better warranted protection for about the same price per square foot as for conventional flooring adhesives.

PowerGrip adhesives are warranted up to eight pounds MVER per thousand square feet per 24 hours at pH 10 and 85 per cent insitu relative humidity for 10 years per ASTM F1869, F710 and F2170 standards. They resist microbial growth, are free of VOCs, exhibit bond strengths up to 300 per cent stronger than similar products, and have been proven effective on over two million square feet of test installations. PowerGrip adhesives have been third-party certified for the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), FloorScore and LEED credits for low-emitting materials.

PowerGrip adhesives are designed to be used over clean, mechanically-prepared concrete surfaces. For applications requiring MVER resistance above eight pounds, Formulators offers its Hydro-Seal moisture-mitigation system of specially-formulated primers, adhesives and membrane components that, depending on their combination and similar to Sealflex, can achieve up to 12 pounds MVER resistance.

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