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Homebuilder Implementing Green Building Practices To Save Homeowners Money

Home ownership is once again becoming a reality for thousands of Americans.

The federal government has just announced a $7,500 Housing Tax Credit for homebuyers, and one Harrisburg homebuilder is helping their cause by implementing green building practices that save homeowners even more money.

Triple Crown Corporation has dubbed its environmental program "Living Green." This set of environmentally-friendly initiatives reduces pollution during the building process and saves energy after construction is complete.

The Living Green program benefits homeowners by cutting the monthly cost of owning a new home through reduced energy consumption.

"Our customers will always want to own a home because home is the most important place in their world. We've made purchasing a new home a little more affordable while also preserving the environment," says Mark X. DiSanto, CEO at Triple Crown.

Energy-efficient steps reduce monthly bills and Triple Crown Corporation's Energy Star Certification means their homes meet strict energy-efficient guidelines set by the EPA and US Department of Energy.

Low emittance window glaze saves energy in both summer and winter, and state-of-the-art HVAC and plumbing equipment reduce the waste present in some old systems.

Aesthetic areas of the house feature eco-friendly products as well. Carpet padding is made from recycled plastic and interior doors are comprised of recycled wood products. Vinyl siding and asphalt shingles feature 25% and 15% recycled products, respectively.

Crews establish detention and retention areas on the construction site before work begins to prevent waterway pollution. Silt fences placed on down slopes prevent erosion. All plant life along the banks of streams is preserved, reducing the potential for runoff to disrupt stream ecosystem.

Each "Living Green" home implements sustainable wood products taken from lumber mill waste, recycled sawdust, or byproducts from the new-wood production process during construction. Eco-friendly wood comprises the roof trusses, floors, oriented strand board, and MDF wood trim.

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