New Dual Flush Toilet Conversion Kit

Dual flush entrepreneurs launch a new green tech start up firm will publicly introduce an innovative dual flush toilet valve conversion kit, designed and made in Michigan USA - the dual flush valve is designed to conserve water, slash energy use, reduce household carbon footprints instantly, reduce land fill and save money.

The SelectAFlush dual flush valve conversion kit, fits most toilets, saves about 7 thousand gallons of water, per year, every year, for every toilet installed. SelectAFlush not only saves water, it saves on land fill. You can convert your existing toilet to water saving dual flush toilet with the dual flush valve, and NOT replace it. The easiest way to go green and save water is to convert your toilet to a dual flush toilet.

The product comes amidst an expanding global market for new water technologies. Population growth, climate change, and decaying infrastructure like sewers and water supply lines have raised uncertainty about the availability of future supplies. So inventing new ways to better manage, conserve, clean and recycle fresh water is becoming big business.

In fact, the worldwide water industry revenues were estimated at $300 billion, according to a 2003 report prepared by the Battelle Memorial Institute, a scientific and technological consulting firm based in Ohio. Investment in water tech-related R&D exceeded $1.5 billion in the U.S. alone in 2006, according to some estimates. And demand for water-saving systems is growing 10 percent each year.

SelectAFlush dual flush valve is setting out to capture a significant share of that growing market. The company relied heavily on the manufacturing and economic expertise in West Michigan to successfully commercialize its idea. Zeeland-based Eagle Design and Technology, Inc., for example, generated the computer models of the prototype. And Holland-based LS Mold cut the plastic injection tools to manufacture the final product.

"Innovation is the key to solving our environmental problems as well as our economic problems as well," said John Bauer, vice president of SelectAFlush LLC. "Innovation throughout history has propelled world-changing business activity in Michigan. SelectAFlush is the latest in a long line of a real world examples that demonstrate how, even in these tough economic times, clever inventions can be dreamed, designed, patented and produced right here in Michigan"

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