PPG’s Dual-Pane, Dual-Coat Technology Facilitates R-5 Window Production

PPG Industries exhibited new SUNGATE 600 glass samples at the 2012 International Builders Show in Orlando, held from 8 to 11 February, 2012. A dual-coat, dual-pane insulating glass unit (IGU) technology and CLARVISTA shower glass were also displayed. The IGU technology allows residential windows in attaining R-5 “center-of-glass” insulating performance.

P. Bear, the mascot for STARPHIRE(R) ultra-clear glass by PPG, greeted visitors at the 2012 International Builders Show in Orlando, Feb. 8-11. PPG showcased samples of new SUNGATE(R) 600 glass, along with CLARVISTA(R) shower glass and a dual-pane, dual-coat insulating glass unit that enables residential windows to achieve R-5 “center-of-glass” insulating performance. For more information about PPG products displayed at the International Builders' Show

A pyrolitic coating features in Sungate 600 glass that is particularity developed to apply on IGU’s exposed room-side (No. 4) surface that optimizes the potential of absorbing heat from the winter sun and furnace. This Sungate 600 glass decreases the usage of energy during cold period and provides warmth to residential spaces.

An IGU manufactured using SOLARBAN 60 glass on the second surface, separated by air space of 0.5”, and Sungate 600 glass of one 3-mm pane on the fourth surface was showcased at the event. The technology pattern can save significant energy when compared to monolithic Sungate 600 glass and has given R-5 center-of-glass insulating performance.

The Federal legislation highlights the R-5 performance standard, which was employed in building codes in order to enhance the energy efficiency of multifamily housing buildings and single-family homes. The window manufacturers can make R-5 windows with the help of the dual-coat, dual-pane technology with no multi-cavity IGUs, which may cause complications in the manufacturing method and also increase the window production cost for builders, homeowners and remodelers.

The company has manufactured the Clarvista glass for shower doors using a coating, which seals the surface of the glass and enables corrosion resistance. A transparent shower glass has been exceptionally produced by Clarvista glass, when joined with STARPHIRE ultra-clear glass. This glass appears newer for very long time, when maintained properly.

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