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Green Building Methods Proving More Cost Effective Than Traditional Building

With the fall of the US housing market, concurrent with the credit and lending crisis, many first-time homeowners, as well as business owners, are looking to alternative forms of building to gain more value for their dollar. With the higher costs of traditional building materials, many new builders are turning to prefabricated steel buildings as an alternative to traditional construction methods. Steel buildings are surprisingly less expensive than traditional wood or concrete block construction. Steel buildings are also precision manufactured, making for perfect fits and less on site construction waste. Faster construction time also greatly reduces on site labor costs.

With the understanding of the current environmental crisis, it is vital for companies to strive to be "greener" or more environmentally friendly. Steel Factory Mfg, headquartered out of Boca Raton, FL, is paving the way for the use of alternative sustainable building materials in the residential and commercial markets. An industry leader, Steel Factory Mfg offers buildings that are not only energy efficient and simple to construct, but more importantly maintain a low cost to the consumer. An added feature is their durability and weather resistance. Steel buildings are designed and rated for hurricane wind speeds of up to 160 mph: a vital benefit for residents looking to rebuild their homes and businesses after events like Hurricane Katrina and Wilma.

Steel remains the most recycled material on Earth, which produces enormous benefits for the environment. Through its unparalleled capacity to be recycled again and again, with no loss of quality, steel saves precious resources and reduces industrial waste.

One of the ways Steel Factory Mfg accomplishes these feats is by using a state-of-the-art material called Galvalume steel. A complex mixture of zinc, aluminum, and silicone, Galvalume steel is Energy Star rated for heat reflectivity, which saves on energy costs. Steel Factory Mfg uses the highest quality Galvalume available in all of its prefabricated steel buildings. Galvalume steel rates well above EPA Energy Star standards for energy efficient roofing materials. Better heat reflectivity means lower energy costs.

By their very nature steel buildings are not only durable, cost-effective, and energy efficient, but also Green.

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