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Georgia-Pacific Wood Products Highlight the Need For Quality Building Materials

At the 2009 International Builders' Show (IBS), Georgia-Pacific Wood Products LLC (booth N2263) invites visitors to learn more about the importance of using high-quality building materials to construct the "backbone" of a home.

The Georgia-Pacific Wood Products portfolio -- including the XJ 85(R) I-joist, Nautilus(TM) wall sheathing, DryPly(R) plywood and Thermostat(R) radiant barrier sheathing -- will be displayed in large-scale format. Visitors will be able to walk under, over and through the materials to see how they are used and to discover the benefits they bring to a home.

"When it comes to building a home, it's what you don't see that matters," said Caryn King, director of marketing for the Georgia-Pacific Wood Products business. "As the exhibit reflects, our wood products may not be what you see when a structure is completed, but they are the foundation for efficient, long-lasting, and high-quality construction. Georgia-Pacific's 80-year legacy in the wood products business proves that we are committed to continuing to make products that serve as the backbone for quality construction, and offering builders and contractors with effective solutions."

Also at IBS, Georgia-Pacific Wood Products will preview its new marketing campaign, "Find Your Ductwork's Happy Place," which focuses on the true beneficiary of using the XJ 85 joist - the ductwork. By installing it in conditioned space through the strategically placed holes in the I-joist, instead of in a hot or cold attic, the ductwork is in its "Happy Place," and heating and cooling loads can be reduced. To learn more about the "Happy Place" campaign and how Georgia-Pacific helps builders provide smarter solutions, visit

Innovative Prefabricated I-joist

The XJ 85 joist is the first engineered I-joist with strategically placed openings through which builders can easily install plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. Available in 16" depth and in standard lengths from 6' to 26', XJ 85 joists are capable of supporting roof loads over long spans such as large open spaces and high ceilings. In addition to the key benefit of running ductwork in conditioned spaces, the XJ 85 joist offers a number of other advantages:

  • Rounded corners on openings, the absence of metal plate connectors and light weight helps make for efficient, fast, and safe installation
  • Trimmable on-site to fit easily
  • Consistent quality helps reduce callbacks, which, in turn, lowers installed cost
  • Better price predictability than standard lumber, allowing builders to forecast long-term projects and also keep pricing consistent across multiple projects

Weather-Resistant Wall Sheathing

The "shell" of the home is reinvented with patent-pending Nautilus wall sheathing, a first-in-class OSB panel with a pre-applied house wrap. It offers builders and contractors an efficient installation process because it combines sheathing and building wrap installation into a single step. This eliminates the need for a separate crew to install building wrap, which helps reduce cost and save time. Builders that have used Nautilus wall sheathing have experienced a 10 to 15 percent total savings in materials and labor. Other attributes include:

  • Protection of the wall sheathing from rain and moisture throughout the building cycle
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty to the homeowner that covers delamination of the OSB substrate
  • Ninety-day exposure warranty to the builder that covers delamination of the house wrap from the substrate
  • Installed like typical wall sheathing
  • Once seams are sealed with code-compliant Nautilus 3" wide seam tape, walls are protected against air leaks, which helps improve energy efficiency
  • Nailing guidelines on the OSB panel are clearly visible

Superior Sub-Flooring Material

To protect sub-floors before the roof and exterior walls go up during the initial stages of the construction process, builders are selecting DryPly plywood. DryPly plywood has a water-repellent coating that helps protect against rain- and moisture-related problems during the normal construction cycle. For added security, Georgia-Pacific offers a 100 percent Builder Satisfaction Guarantee against delamination, edge swell and joint sanding.

Because DryPly plywood is a Plytanium(R) plywood product, it also provides extra stiffness that helps minimize floor squeaks and helps decrease the probability of tile cracking. The firm nail-holding ability of Plytanium plywood also helps prevent loose fasteners in hardwood flooring. Its smooth, sanded surface allows for installation of floor coverings directly on the sub-floor without additional underlayment.

Reduce Cooling Costs with Innovative Sheathing Solution

Tame attic heat and help reduce cooling energy consumption with Thermostat radiant barrier sheathing. Thermostat sheathing is ENERGY STAR(R) qualified and features a layer of highly reflective aluminum foil that reflects up to 97 percent of radiant heat from entering the attic space. Other attributes include:

  • Lowers peak attic temperatures by up to 30°F and can lower cooling energy consumption by up to 17 percent
  • Prescriptive to many green building programs
  • Available in Plytanium Plywood or Blue Ribbon(R) OSB

These Georgia-Pacific Wood Products branded products are available to professional dealers and retail lumber yards through BlueLinx Corporation (NYSE: BXC), a leading national building products distributor.

If attending IBS, please visit Georgia-Pacific Wood Products at booth N2263. For additional Georgia-Pacific Wood Products information, visit

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