ChiselCrete From Artisan Precast Simulates Dry-Stacked Stone Walls

Combining the strength and durability of precast concrete, with the texture and look of hand-laid stone, ChiselCrete is the latest precast concrete product in Artisan Precast's line up. Precast concrete is concrete that is formed and poured into molds at the manufacturing plant. This allows precast concrete to ship to the jobsite as components where it is then quickly erected saving both time and money. ChiselCrete is also colored and given its aesthetic look during manufacturing, allowing the precast concrete to simulate the look and feel of almost any type of fence or walling, including brick, split rail fence, and now hand-laid stones.

ChiselCrete® is a unique product developed by Artisan Precast. Manufactured at a state of the art precast facility, ChiselCrete has all the benefits precast concrete has to offer, including resistance to weather and climate, sustainability, and the ability to be used as a retaining wall. Artisan Precast uses recycled cementitious material to reduce the amount of cement used and it is integrally colored to eliminate the release of VOCs at the job site.

ChiselCrete allows for fast installation with little waste. This new product from Artisan Precast offers the same advantages as its popular FenceStone® system which employs a post and panel design. Posts are set into piers every 5 feet on center, secured by concrete and then finished with the installation of the panels between each post. Any repairs are fast and easy compared to traditional masonry or brick walls.

ChiselCrete allows a project to incorporate the look of dry stacked stone walls at a fraction of the price of common masonry. It comes in a number of colors and is available in a wide range of heights. To find out more about ChiselCrete or to view Artisan Precast's other precast concrete products, visit

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