New Book Shows Churchgoers What Is Needed to Build or Remodel a Church

Author Richard C. White is proud to announce the release of his new book, "Building for Ministry" (published by AuthorHouse). Motivated by a driving need for pastors and congregations to understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to structure a church-building program, White has compiled some of the most important facts and essential steps one needs to take to ensure their project will come in on time and under budget.

Beginning at the ground level, "Building for Ministry" grows in an upwards direction, covering many important topics such as team building, budgets, stewardship, contractors and long-term financing. One of the most important steps is the initial research process. It is here where congregations first decide what it is they are seeking in a new or remodeled structure, its purpose and use, as well as the correct way to run a stewardship campaign.

"You don't start with an architect ... you start with a Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study, which follows on the heels of defining your 'ministry mission,'" says White.

As a former pastor, White believes strongly in the power of prayer guiding the congregation and members of the building teams selected to be the voice of the church body throughout the building process.

"We have recommended Prayer Teams to churches considering a building program for many years. The miracles that have resulted from the joint prayer effort have been truly amazing," says White.

Eliminating the monetary and human energy costs which result from poor design, and the ill will created by budgetary overruns, Richard C. White has developed a proven system that has saved churches thousands of dollars. Find out for yourself how "Building for Ministry" can work for your next church expansion or remodeling project.

Posed 5th March 2009

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