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America's Watchdog Links Toxic Chinese Dry Wall With Illegal Workers and Drug Importing

Americas Watchdog has been blasting US homebuilders for years. The issues range from appraisal fraud, to using undocumented workers to build most new US homes since 2001, to the newest outrage--toxic Chinese drywall, that has now put upwards of 350,000 US homeowners at risk (not to mention another 350,000-plus US homeowners, who had their homes remodeled using the toxic Chinese product). "There is one other important part--in most cases, the homebuilders forgot to pay taxes on the workers. They called the undocumented workers 1099 subcontractors. We figure the tax bill is $100,000,000,000-plus."

Americas Watchdog and its Homeowner Consumer Center are the most quoted groups in the world on imported toxic Chinese drywall.

Note to homebuilders and US city or county building inspectors: "Like you didn't notice all the residential construction workers spoke little to no English, or identification that was not real? No US city or county building inspector didn't notice the toxic Chines drywall smelled really bad, or it made the drywall hangers sick? Perhaps you got a payoff from the builder, or you never even showed up to the sub division."

Note to the US DEA and ICE/Homeland Security: "The workers either had to pay Mexican organized crime $1200 US dollars, or they would take illegal drugs across the US border, to save a few bucks." Does this mean Americas Watchdog is taking on the Mexican, Central American and South American drug cartels? Yes!

Note to President Obama: "It's time for a national ID system so undocumented workers no longer build US homes, unless they have an actual visa. US homebuilders forgot to pay federal, state or local taxes by using the 1099-coyote labor scam and no the homebuilders suggesting they had no idea would be a lie. It's time for change."

Gosh: Why would Americas Watchdog be so concerned about toxic Chinese drywall in Florida, California (taxifornia), Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, or Florida? For starters, Americas Watchdog estimates 350,000 US homes built since 2001 might have to be bulldozed.

Question: So who installed most of the drywall in new homes in most US States from 2004-2007?

Answer: Undocumented workers. How many unducumented workers? Over 1,000,00 for each year--2004-2005-2006 and 550,000-plus in 2007.

Question: What about the air conditioning manufacturers? Wouldn't the AC manufacturers have noticed that all of a sudden air conditioning coils, that typically last 10 to 15 years were all of a sudden burning out in 8 months, to a year--by the thousands?

Answer: Americas Watchdog intends to find out. "If you work for an air conditioning manufacturer, and you are aware of a special (wink-wink) deal between AC makers and homebuilders, we want you to contact us at 866-714-6466, or contact us via our web site at http://HomeownersConsumerCenter."

What Are The Indicators Of A Home or Condominium Having Toxic Chinese Drywall?

  • The house has to have been built or remodeled after 2000.Most homes that will have the toxic Chinese drywall were built between 2004 & 2007
  • There may be a rotten egg, sulfur-type, or acid type smell in the home or condominium.
  • Homeowners, building owners, or occupants in most cases will have seen continuous failures of their air conditioning coils, or HVAC units beyond anything normal.
  • Homeowners, building owners, or occupants may have noticed corroded, or black electrical wiring in their walls in properties built or remodeled since 2001.
  • Homeowners who suspect their home may have the Chinese drywall can remove electrical receptacle plates to see if the cooper ground wire has turned black. If a homeowner in any state sees this, they should call the Homeowners Consumer Center immediately at 866-714-6466.
  • Homeowners, building owners or occupants may have experienced mild to severe upper respiratory problems, nose bleeds, headaches or other potentially serious medical conditions.
  • Oven, or stove elements, or refrigerator coils may have failed in the homes, or condominiums a number of times.
  • Silver jewelry or silver plated utensils may be tarnished.
  • Family pets may have died from exposure in US homes with Chinese toxic drywall.

Americas Watchdog is calling the imported toxic Chinese drywall issue, "the single worst environmental, and serious health disaster ever faced by US and Canadian homeowners. We are with you, and we will do our best to protect you, and to keep you informed about this disaster."

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