Sakai INtroduces New Asphalt Paving Roller

Sakai America's new SW990 double drum, high-frequency vibratory asphalt roller brings powerful performance to asphalt paving projects with its 4000 vpm, Deutz engine and dual drum drive system.

SAKAI SW990 Roller

The SW990 offers a drum width of 84" and 4000 vpm, which allows for 10-12 impacts per foot at 4.55 mph. This feature allows for faster rolling speeds while maintaining the proper impacts per foot to achieve compaction. The drums are also machined smooth and edges are rounded for a smooth mat surface. The SW990 is the perfect roller for compaction of county, state and interstate highways and airport runways.

The SW990's powerful yet fuel efficient Deutz TCD2012L06-2V water-cooled, turbo-charged diesel engine boasts 166hp. This engine fully complies with the current emission standards and is mounted on rubber isolators to absorb vibration.

The SW990 also offers excellent traction with its dual drum drive system. This system eliminates bow wave build-up in the front of the machine. This drum system has been designed completely separate from the vibration system to minimize wear and tear. The machine's drive motors are cross mounted with the vibration motors balancing the weight from front to rear, as well as from left to right.

The operator platform is a rubber-isolated floating deck design, which minimizes vibration to the operator, reducing fatigue. The user-friendly operator's console rotates 180 degrees with the instrument panel rotating in conjunction with the seat. This ensures that the operator has the controls within easy reach and that the gauges are in view regardless of the seat's position. The control panel allows the operator to change the amplitude and frequency without getting off the roller, significantly reducing downtime. ROPS and seat belts are standard features on every Sakai roller sold in North America.

Sakai has also added their ExactCompact system as a standard feature to the SW990's control panel. The ExactCompact system measures impact spacing and determines the speed that the roller should travel to obtain exact compaction. Once targeted impact spacing has been determined on a test strip, the operator programs the settings into the system. While rolling, the operator simply adjusts ground speed until the green lights are illuminated on the ExactCompact meter. This innovative system simplifies and increases roller operation while ensuring proper compaction and eliminating extra passes.

Sakai's best-in-the-business spray system is another standard feature on the SW990, consisting of rustproof tanks, stainless steel pipes and brass nozzles that can easily be replaced by hand. The spray system also comes with a timer, triple filtration system to prevent clogging from debris and a pressurized, emergency back-up pump to provide water in the event of a pump failure.

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