New Gutter Guards From GutterBrush

The GutterBrush Guys, LLC. are pleased to announce that GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard is now available in both a 3.25" diameter GutterBrush for small gutters and a 6.5" diameter for extra large gutters.

GutterBrush is easy and convenient to install

The global economy is struggling but our small international gutter protection company ( is trying to do our part to help minimize the impact on property and business owners by not increasing our pricing or shipping charges within the continental United States for the rest of 2009. The bottom line is that gutters are extremely important for the protection of your home. Every year the malfunctioning and overflowing of gutters does cause substantial property damage to residential and commercial property across the world.

However, GutterBrush continues to strive to be the most effective, low-cost gutter protection and rainwater control system made in the USA from 100% sustainable materials. GutterBrush is very happy to announce the addition of two new sizes in our product line up to help more people protect their valuable investments. These two new sizes, just like every other GutterBrush product, are constructed of exceptionally durable professional grade materials. First, we now offer a 3.25" diameter GutterBrush for small gutters commonly found on sun rooms, mobile homes, porches, lanais, or other non conventional buildings or additions with smaller than standard gutters. Second, we now offer a 6.5" diameter for extra large gutters that fit perfectly in the increasingly popular fascia style gutters in the western US as well as the 7" Super Gutters that are becoming more and more common in the southeast.

All GutterBrush products are sustainable products that help reduce the amount of non-degradable plastics placed in landfills due to their very long lifespan. GutterBrush products will not deteriorate and therefore will not need to be disposed of in a landfill and then replaced. GutterBrush simple gutter guard does an incredible job of protecting property from water damage caused by clogged gutters. GutterBrush's simple gutter guard system helps keep gutters flowing freely and virtually eliminates the structural water damage caused by overflows, standing water, freezing water, and snow buildup while also helping to reduce the risk of combustion of dry, brittle, and very flammable gutter debris and is in compliance with fire prevention building codes. Getting rid of these potential causes of damage increases the longevity of the property and significantly diminishes the environmental shock of repairs and replacements.

GutterBrush also greatly minimizes the maintenance needed to keep gutters clean and free flowing while also promoting a cleaner and more efficient rain water harvesting system. A way to minimize the impact of excess nutrients that drain through local watersheds is to install GutterBrush simple gutter guards to prevent leaves from collecting. When nutrient-rich leaves fall onto rooftops and get caught in rain gutters, the phosphorus and nitrogen leaches out and is channeled through gutters and pipes into storm drains and sewers. GutterBrush can help stop this problem and help improve the environment at the same time.

GutterBrush Guys, Ltd. are very excited to offer these two new sizes as well as hold the line on prices and shipping charges within the continental United States for the rest of 2009 in an attempt to assist you in protecting your property from costly damage and repairs that result from clogged gutters.

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