Fire Suppression Pipe Lining From Nu Flow

The Nu Flow(R) Companies demonstrated this month that restoring instead of replacing corroded piping systems affords more timely protection against liability. As the trend catches on, price tags for budgeted maintenance costs to repair leaky pipes will substantially defray in every sector of the marketplace.

Leaking fire suppression systems prompted Morningside of Fullerton Assisted Living in California to find a repair solution for failing ductile steel pipes that ran under buildings, parking lots, and landscapes. Pipe replacement would be costly, messy, and loud, disruptions elderly residents wanted to avoid.

To restore its piping, Morningside selected Nu Flow, whose resume included lining fire suppression systems ranging from aircraft hangars at Fort Drum, New York and all points in between, to San Diego's Naval Fire Training Center in California.

Nu Flow's extensive testing and references enabled the City of Fullerton to stamp its approval to line 825 feet of six- to eight-inch pipes. Nu Flow returned the system to service in only seven days, without compromising the safety or comfort of residents.

Nu Flow predicts insurance companies and property and facility managers will soon view epoxy lining as a sustainable, green solution, a lower-cost alternative to an outdated industry practice of replacing leaky pipes. Nu Flow's ability to line multiple pipe systems, hundreds of feet long in one-half to ten-inch diameter pipes, reflects the versatility of pipe lining applications in every conceivable piping system.

The trend of lining versus replacing pipe reflects potential for tremendous impact as applications expand across all market boundaries. Pipe lining technologies are becoming the preferred solution to failing infrastructure, whether pipes lie in the ground, inside a building, or comprise the elements of a mechanical system.

17th May 2009

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