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Green Product Line Introduced by Cresco Concrete Products

With the launch of its Ranch and Rail concrete fence system, Cresco Concrete Products, LLC has completed its planned introduction of unique sustainable building products. Cresco now offers a full line of precast fence options all featuring lightweight panels or rails.

Cresco Rock Face Fence

The lightweight fence components are manufactured using a unique proprietary aeration process that fills concrete with tiny air pockets reducing its weight by almost half. According to Neil Rock, President of Cresco Concrete Products, "Our fence system can typically be installed with as few as two people eliminating the need for heavy equipment such as cranes and forklifts. Installation in confined or sensitive landscaped spaces is easily facilitated. Our lightweight components now make it easy for professionals and the do-it-yourself crowd to erect concrete fences." Lower freight costs and greater quantities per truckload are now possible. The unique manufacturing process and reduced material usage also translate into lower prices for consumers.

The US Green Building Council, in an attempt to develop a system of green building standards has developed the LEED® guidelines. LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a point based system whereby a structure is awarded points for each part of the building that is environmentally sustainable. Construction professionals can accumulate points through the specification of Cresco™ Precast Fence Systems. "Manufactured using recycled concrete as aggregate, our fence systems generate minimal jobsite waste, use less cement that competing systems, is long lasting, and free of ozone depleting, toxic or hazardous materials," stated Neil Rock.

The installation process is similar to existing precast systems. Posts are set into a deep foundation in the soil and the panels, or rails, simply inserted into the post slots.

Fence applications include privacy fencing, screening walls, security fencing, sound barriers, skirting, and planter boxes. Fences can be installed around parks, schools, homes, subdivisions, busy thoroughfares, and commercial properties.

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC is a manufacturer of innovative concrete products including Liteblok™, a unique, aerated, precision molded building block. The patented Liteblok™ system features lightweight blocks with densities as low as one-quarter that of typical concrete. Liteblok™ is interlocking and laid without mortar allowing for significant savings in construction time and cost.

Liteblok™ is a durable, affordable, green building product providing numerous LEED® credit opportunities to building professionals. No heat is applied and no ozone depleting chemicals are used during the manufacture of Liteblok™. The blocks are suitable for those with chemical sensitivities as they are not produced with and do not contain any toxins, plastics, VOCs, or other potentially harmful materials. High insulation values and reduced heating and cooling loads are realized with the energy efficient Liteblok™. The design of the block eliminates the need for cutting and thus minimizes job site waste. The inorganic Liteblok™ does not rot and is fire, termite, vermin, and mold resistant. Liteblok™ walls are sound absorbing and result in quieter rooms.

"Liteblok™ walls are structural and can withstand high winds and seismic activity. The light weight blocks result in lower foundation, column, and support requirements," stated Peter Thompson, Technical Advisor for Cresco. Lower freight loads and reduced energy consumption and pollution during transport can be realized. The self-aligning blocks require no bracing or special supports during construction. Ease of construction and simplicity of design mean fewer skilled workers are needed on the jobsite. The lighter blocks are also safer for workers to handle and can lead to fewer injury claims. "Liteblok™ can be cut with a hand saw, accepts regular nails and screws and requires no special tools, mortars, plasters, or reinforcement," said Peter Thompson.

Liteblok™ applications include housing, safe rooms, sheds, fences, raised beds, retaining walls, fire walls and other commercial construction.

Cresco Concrete Products, LLC manufactures its concrete products in Houston, Texas and ships Nationwide. Its productline includes concrete blocks, precast fences, balustrades, benches, paving, parking stops, stain, stucco, and fasteners.

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