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Planon Green Intelligence Solution for Facilities Launched

New real estate portfolio energy management solution drills down to manage facilities assets and create corrective work orders to provide the most comprehensive energy measurement, reporting, and management solution available on market today

Planon, a global provider of enterprise real estate and facilities software, today unveiled Planon Green Intelligence for Facilities, its new solution that gives facility and real estate executives everything they need to measure, monitor, and most importantly, act upon, collected property and asset data resulting in significant cost savings and the achievement of corporate sustainability goals.

Facility and Corporate Real Estate executives today are focused on two major initiatives: Cuttings Costs and Greening Facilities. Many business leaders in corporations, government and higher education are realizing these undertakings are not mutually exclusive: environmental sustainability programs deliver major cost reductions.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), buildings in the United States are responsible for nearly 40 percent of CO2 emissions, 40 percent of energy consumption and 13 percent of the nation’s water consumption. Corporate Real Estate hides huge potential for CO2 reduction in combination with cost reduction for organizations that automate the measurement and management of energy consumption.

Available as part of the core suite, Planon Green Intelligence, the energy management component of Green Workplace Economics, is an easy-to-use solution that offers facility executives a practical way to jumpstart environmental sustainability programs by transforming aggregated asset-level to property level data into actionable information. Planon can then generate corrective work orders to quickly diagnose and correct over consuming facilities assets. Planon Talk, Planon’s widely deployed integration application, also ensures full connectivity with existing building technology and energy measurement facilities giving organizations a fully integrated solution.

With Green Intelligence, facility executives gain a global view of their real estate portfolio and assets and gain the ability to automatically issue corrective or reactive action within one seamless solution. With Green IT for Facilities, organizations can:

<ol><li>Cut costs through reduction of energy consumption </li><li>
Extend the efficiency and lifespan of Facilities assets through Planned Maintenance </li><li>
Reduce carbon footprint </li><li>
Manage energy supply, costs </li><li>
Comply with organizational and federal environmental mandates </li><li>
Track LEED certification status across an entire real estate portfolio </li></ol>

“As a global company with a vast European customer base, our focus at Planon is to bring the best sustainability practices to our U.S. customers from around the world,” said Pierre Guelen, Founder and CEO, Planon Group. “Green Intelligence for Facilities helps organizations move deeper than simple real estate portfolio level reporting to provide a solution that gives executives the information they need to take decisive action on assets that will net them substantial cost savings and a clear, measurable return on investment.”

"Every organization is in a position to be more environmentally responsible and can likely save cost at the same time,” said Carol Baroudi Research Director, Green IT, Aberdeen Group. “These are global concerns. U.S. companies can take lessons from Europe, which is ahead in the adoption curve, and already realizing benefits from sustainability initiatives. Legislation is coming and it certainly behooves organizations to get a handle on what they have and understand how they can start their journey now. The sooner they start, the sooner they save.”


<SMALL>Posted 6th October 2009</SMALL>

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