New LED Downlight Fixture Models from Renaissance Lighting Receive ENERGY STAR

New 4-inch all-white light fixtures produce more light using less energy

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded the ENERGY STAR® qualification to Renaissance Lighting Inc. on seven more of its newest 4-inch all-white solid-state LED downlight fixtures. Earlier this month, 11 of the company’s all-white 7-inch downlights became the first to receive the coveted ENERGY STAR qualification. With this announcement, Renaissance Lighting now has the most ENERGY STAR qualified solid-state downlight models available in the industry.

The ENERGY STAR qualification helps customers identify the most energy efficient products on the market. Renaissance Lighting, a leading innovator in the development and manufacture of energy-efficient, ultra long-life solid-state luminaires, continues to achieve increased lighting efficiencies in terms of both light output and lower energy consumption. The ENERGY STAR award for its all-white downlights is further validation of the company’s on-going ability to create breakthrough proprietary technologies and luminaire designs.

“This latest round of ENERGY STAR awards reinforces the technological gains Renaissance Lighting continues to make with respect to product output, efficiency and overall performance,” said Renaissance Lighting CEO, Barry Weinbaum. “Our on-going ability to expand product innovation, value and total cost of ownership – elements critical to the lighting industry’s mainstream acceptance of solid-state LED lighting – is fueling the momentum needed to move solid-state LED technology to significantly greater heights.”

Renaissance Lighting will be featuring these new fixtures along side its other innovative technology and energy-efficient products at LightShow West 2009, October 21-22, 2009 in Los Angeles.

The DOE’s ENERGY STAR criteria for solid-state lighting luminaires addresses product quality and efficiency, helping ensure that residential and commercial customers have a positive experience with this new technology. Four of the key criteria that are involved include: Luminaire efficacy – the efficiency of the light that leaves the fixture; minimum light levels that match incumbent technology, such as incandescent or Compact Florescent; limited correlated color temperature, and the use of industry-accepted test procedures to measure product performance.

ENERGY STAR qualification currently requires an LED recessed downlight fixture to deliver at least 35 lumens per watt (efficacy). Renaissance Lighting’s patented optical technology beats the competition by producing better efficacies and increased light output while consuming less electrical power and is delivered with an unparalleled elegant design.


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