Little Giant Ladder Systems Highlights New Safe Ladder Products at National Safety Congress

National Safety Congress Highlights Innovative New Ladders to Help Prevent Accidents & Deaths

Little Giant Ladder Systems™ (, pioneer of the “safe ladder” category, announced today three new innovative safe ladder products are being highlighted at the National Safety Congress and Expo in Orlando, Florida, October 25-30.

SumoStance(TM) is the world's only wide-stance extension ladder with adjustable outriggers, which triple its base width and increase side-tip stability by over 500%. The SumoStance is the safest extension ladder in the world

The U.S. leads the world in reported ladder deaths. The American Ladder Institute claims more than 300 deaths occur each year, or close to one ladder fatality per day. In 2007, approximately 532,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, clinics and other medical settings because of ladder related injuries.

“At Little Giant Ladder Systems, we are committed to keeping people safe,” said H. Arthur Wing, President. “For the past three decades, Little Giant Ladders have been considered the safest ladders on the market. Today marks another milestone as our newest ladder innovations—which have created the entirely new ‘safe ladder’ category—are highlighted at the National Safety Congress. We are proud to help prevent accidents and deaths by introducing the first three products in this category.”

For more than 100 years ladders remained unchanged. There were virtually no advancements in ladder design, functionality and safety until 1972 when Little Giant Ladder Systems put its first product on the market. Today satisfied Little Giant customers include:

  • NASA
  • All branches of the U.S. military
  • Boeing
  • HP
  • Intel
  • Dish Network

These organizations and millions of homeowners have chosen Little Giant Ladders because they have been the consistent leader in ladder innovation and safety, always meeting or exceeding all OSHA and ANSI standards.

“The entire ladder industry will be forever changed with the recent release of the SumoStance™, SelectStep™, and MicroBurst™ brands,” said Ryan Moss, CEO of Little Giant Ladder Systems and board member of the American Ladder Institute. “Our focus on product innovation and our commitment to setting the new safety benchmark in the ladder industry has paved the way for the introduction of the new “safe ladder” category.”

One-of-a-kind safety features found only in the new SumoStance™, SelectStep™ and MicroBurst™ product lines deliver stability, comfort and ease of use for professionals and homeowners.


The patent-pending SumoStance is the world’s only wide-stance extension ladder with adjustable outriggers, which triple its base width and increase side-tip stability by over 500%. Both SumoStance outriggers adjust 9 inches up and down to work on nearly any surface. Proper tilt angle and level indicators help ladder users set the SumoStance in the safe operating position. The SumoStance is the safest extension ladder in the world.


The world’s only multi-position stepladder is also the world’s most comfortable stepladder. The heavy duty rated (Type IA 300 lbs) yet lightweight (only 23 lbs) SelectStep is a 5, 6, 7, and 8-foot stepladder, and is the only stepladder that can be safely used on stairs and sloping ground. No matter the chosen height or angle of the ladder, the patent-pending SelectStep provides a comfortable built-in standing platform. And the AirDeck™ utility tray and handrail makes standing on the SelectStep feel as good as standing on solid ground.


The MicroBurst is the only stepladder in the world with Fold-Flat™ technology, storing in nearly half the space of an ordinary A-frame stepladder, making it easy to store and carry. The StableLock™ spreader system is the strongest part of the ladder, constructed of high-strength steel, creating a solid A-frame structure that virtually prevents ladder shifting or walking. The patent-pending MicroBurst’s rear base width is 4 inches wider than traditional stepladders for optimal side-tip stability.

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