Tips on Home Maintenance to be Completed Before Fall

Nationally Recognized Home Expert Offers Tips on Fall Home Maintenance

Ace's ''Helpful Hardware Man'' Lou Manfredini shares fall home maintenance projects

With homeowners stretching to make every dollar count, it's more important than ever to tackle those home maintenance projects to keep your home in great shape and avoid problems down the road. As the days get shorter and temperatures get cooler, autumn is the perfect time to complete those seasonal and annual projects that are on every homeowners "must-do" list.

"Fall is all about football, foliage and fix-ups,” said Lou Manfredini, Ace's “Helpful Hardware Man.” “The work you do on your home now can bring big pay-offs come winter, spring and even next summer."

Manfredini offers these effective and simple tips for your home before the chill of winter sets in:

  • From Nuisance to Nutrients: Fallen leaves and yard debris make great natural fertilizer for your lawn. Use a mulching mower to make the most of those nutrient-rich soil additives. A core aerator will remove plugs from your lawn to help it breathe and reduce compaction. Making use of the proper winterizing fertilizer as part of your 4-step program for your region will ensure a rich, healthy lawn come springtime.

  • The Glory of Gutters: Cleaning and maintaining your home's gutter and downspout system ensures proper drainage from rain and snow. Use a scoop to remove leaves and debris, and consider installing some form of gutter guard or a foam insert that will keep debris out and allow water to flow freely. Remember the importance of downspouts, they should be long enough to move water away from your home's foundation.

  • Paint the Outdoors, In: The fall palette of oranges, yellows and reds raging outside your home reflects abundance and warmth, just before the turn of winter in the months ahead. Bring those autumn hues indoors and give your walls a fresh coat of paint with quality coatings and proper painting techniques from your neighborhood Ace.

  • Don't Get Left Out in the Cold: The coming cold of winter brings with it a whole host of home woes you should be prepared for. Keep the drafty chill out – and the warmth in! – with well-placed weatherstripping. Use a graphite lubricant to keep exterior locks from seizing up in the cold. Consider wrapping pipes proactively so water keeps flowing (not freezing).

"Everyone's wallets are a little lighter these days and DIYers are looking for projects that not only give them the most bang for their buck, but also save them time," explained Manfredini. "These seasonal fix-ups will improve the look of a home while also helping to keep it in good shape — preventing costly repairs down the road."


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