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IXYS Corp. and Power Efficiency to Supply Single Phase Motor Efficiency Controllers for a US Retrofit

Companies also Launch Single Phase Evaluation Module for Engineers Interested in Incorporating E-Save Technology

IXYS Corporation, (NASDAQ-IXYS) and Power Efficiency Corporation, Las Vegas, NV (OTCBB-PEFF) jointly announced today that they have received the first order for Power Efficiency’s single phase motor efficiency controllers. The 1,000 units are being sold for a retrofit application in the U.S. The customer expects to make additional purchases for this application in the future.

The companies also announced the launch of a single phase Motor Efficiency Controller Evaluation Module targeted at design engineers who are interested in making AC induction motors in their original equipment more energy efficient. This Evaluation Module, along with regular single phase Motor Efficiency Controllers, is available for purchase on the IXYS web site.

The single phase Evaluation Module incorporates Power Efficiency’s E-Save Technology, which improves the efficiency of constant speed electric motors that are at times lightly loaded. Single phase motors are the most common motors found in residential and light commercial motor driven equipment. The Motor Efficiency Controller Evaluation Module enables design engineers to adjust certain parameters of the product, such as the soft start and level of energy savings. Power Efficiency’s E-Save Technology has patents pending on the core algorithms for energy savings and this technology is incorporated in the Evaluation Module and other single phase Motor Efficiency Controllers.

There are millions of single phase motors sold each year in the U.S. alone. In 2007, there were over 16 million clothes washers and dryers sold in the U.S., and many millions more sold in international markets. In preliminary testing, E-Save Technology has shown significant energy savings in these applications.

Dr. Nathan Zommer, Chairman and CEO of IXYS, said, “We are pleased to announce this initial order and the launch of the Evaluation Module. This module will enable our OEM customers to deploy Power Efficiency’s E-Save Technology on their applications, and the Evaluation Modules will enable customers to rapidly apply our combined technologies in their applications. Energy Efficiency is a top priority for IXYS, and we are constantly exploring opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the products of our more than 2500 customers worldwide and increase the demand for our specialized semiconductors.”

Steven Strasser, Chairman and CEO of Power Efficiency Corporation said, “We are very happy to receive this initial order, launch the Evaluation Module, and generally further our relationship with IXYS. We believe the demand for energy efficient appliances will continue to grow globally and that E-Save Technology is a very cost effective energy savings solution for many of the millions of small motors in appliances and light commercial equipment.”


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