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Software Bundling Solution for Builders from Sales Simplicity Software

Sales Simplicity Software, the widely acknowledged leader in sales automation, CRM and eMarketing for the builder, developer and senior living sectors, announced today that it has introduced yet another innovation for its homebuilder and facility manager users: Software bundling.

For ease of navigation across multiple software programs, Sales Simplicity can now “bundle” all its users’ web-based applications onto a single tab-based “dashboard screen,” regardless of the application vendor. The new functionality is being called "game changing" by industry professionals.

Through software bundling, Sales Simplicity allows its users to access multiple third-party software programs through one universal login on one tab-based dashboard.

Moreover, to accommodate the rise of social networking sites in the home-sale and real-estate facility marketing process, Sales Simplicity dashboard tabs can easily be set up to feed Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

By clicking on a single user-defined tab, Sales Simplicity users have immediate on-screen access to other cooperating web-based software systems, regardless of the software vendor. Switching from Sales Simplicity to, say, Avid Ratings, Graphic Language, or Builderfinish now requires just a single mouse-click. The selected software system opens up and can be displayed or run within Sales Simplicity's application framework. The convenience of this new approach is remarkable, to say nothing of how it will improve productivity and reduce confusion across the builder’s entire operation.

Sales, website, CRM, emarketing, social networking and business reporting are all presented as a single, cohesive initiative, accessing and combining data intelligence onto a single dashboard.

“This new Sales Simplicity functionality is just one more in a string of innovations that continues to make Sales Simplicity the most highly differentiate Sales, CRM and eMarketing software system out there today,” said Barry Forbes, Sales Simplicity’s President. “We continue to win customers based on the superior merit of our application, which today outsells all of its competitors combined.”


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