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Woolly Pocket Gardening Announces New Pocket Garden Containers for Walls

Woolly Pocket Gardening Company's mission is to inspire people to garden anywhere and everywhere and now, with their new Woolly Pocket garden containers, the average consumer can create living walls in their home or office instantly.

While living roofs have gotten a great deal of attention, living walls have been mostly overlooked, mainly because, until Woolly Pockets, there has been no easy and affordable way to create them. TIME Magazine just named Living Walls and Vertical Gardens 2 of their 50 best inventions of 2009 and now consumers can have them in their home or garden tomorrow.

"I want people to rethink how they live with plants and inspire them to garden," said Woolly Pocket designer and company founder Miguel Nelson, "I think if everyone was gardening more often, things would be better. I think we were put on Earth to garden."

Woolly Pocket is a gardening and design product consisting of soft-sided containers for growing plants. This revolutionary design has breathable sides that release excess moisture and aerate soil with a waterproof lining that helps keep walls and floors dry. Woolly Pockets are easy to use, and require no gardening skills. Grow an herb garden on your balcony, or a flower bed in your living room. Anything is possible with the Woolly Pocket. You can use Woolly Pockets both indoors and out. They're perfect for creating urban gardens where you have space to garden but no land to garden in. Woolly Pockets are lightweight and can be folded flat, which makes them very easy to use, move, and store just about anywhere.

Woolly Pocket breathable garden containers, allow the soil to aerate naturally, which reduces the need to drain the containers and also helps to conserve watering, and when the roots sense air they do something called air pruning. This is the natural process of stopping their own growth when they sense they've reached the limits of their space. This keeps the roots healthy and stops plants from becoming root-bound by growing in continuing circles as they do in non-breathable containers such as clay pots. Woolly Pockets are handmade in the U.S.A. from recycled plastic water bottles that are fabricated into a wool-like material, hence the name.

Woolly Pocket also just announced the debut of Vagabond, the living handbag. This stylish accessory is made from the Woolly Pocket recycled plastic material and reclaimed leather. Vagabond can be hung from the ceiling for a stylish hanging planter or be the breath of fresh air fashion accessory for your next event. Show off your favorite plant to all your friends then place it on the table for an instant centerpiece.


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