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AGR Tools Announces New Safe and Effective Alternative to Natural Stone Fabricators

AGR Tools, Inc., is pleased to announce that AGR Stone & Tools USA, Inc., with which AGR Tools, Inc. has entered into a binding share exchange agreement, has introduced a new grinding stone which gives natural stone fabricators a safer and more effective alternative. Past generations of diamond grinding stones were dangerously susceptible to exploding or cracking when exposed to water.

AGR Stone & Tools USA, Inc.'s new Green Silicone Grinding Stone allows fabricators and contractors to use the stones wet or dry without the possibility of sending deadly shrapnel across a job site.

AGR Stone & Tools USA, Inc.'s Green Silicone Grinding Stones uses a patented technology that fuses the diamond grinding dust with silicone to provide a waterproof, crack proof, and injury proof grinding stone. "It was such a relief to know I don't have to worry about another exploding grinding stone," said Albert Jones of CDF Countertops in San Antonio, Texas. Unlike older generation black stones, this technology allows the grinding stone to melt which gives a superior polish to natural stone.

Because of its safety issues and finer polishing features, AGR Stone & Tools USA, Inc.'s management anticipates that the Green Silicone Grinding Stones will soon be the primary grinding stone in most fabricator's shops. "As soon as a customer uses one of our Green Stones, not only do they realize how safe they are, but also the flexibility they have with using the grinding stone either wet or dry", said AGR CEO, Rock Rutherford.


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