Market Research on Future of Chinese PVC Industry

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Future of PVC Industry in China" report to their offering.

Driven by China's rapidly developing economy in past few years, PVC industry in China has witnessed great development. Since 2005, China has been the largest manufacturer and consumer of PVC in the world, sharing about 30% global PVC output and consumption per year.

Different from most overseas countries, China adopts both calcium carbide method and ethylene method, since China has abundant calcium carbide resources. In 2008, PVC by calcium carbide method captures 70.74% of the total output in China.

After rapid expansion in the past five years, calcium carbide PVC has encountered great competition from ethylene PVC, especially after the price fall of crude oil since July 2008. How the dynamics of raw materials has affected PVC production in China? What is the production situation with these two methods in 2008 and 2009? What the trend of China's PVC production and market in the next 10 years, especially for calcium carbide method, will be?

Though China is still a net importer of PVC, its import volume has reduced greatly after 2003. After the price slump of crude oil in 2008, has the import and export of PVC changed in 2008 and 2009?

A major driver for the increasing PVC output in China is the growing demand from downstream industries, whose development trend and PVC consumption for the next 5-10 years is provided with forecast details in this report.

The report also covers the following aspects of China's PVC industry:

  • Government regulations on PVC industry in China
  • All PVC producers in China, especially for calcium carbide PVC, and their plan for future PVC projects
  • Price change of PVC by the two methods in the past three years and its influencing factors
  • Import & export analysis of PVC in the past 5 years in China
  • Consumption pattern in different end use segments
  • Resources analysis, covering coal, electricity and salt in China
  • Comparison between calcium carbide method and ethylene method
  • Ethylene production and general information of China's petrochemical products, such as naphtha, gas oil, LPG and so on
  • Investment opportunities in China's PVC industry

Key Topics Covered:

Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

Overview of global PVC industry

Government regulations on PVC industry in China

  • Industrial policy
  • Environment policy
  • Threshold and tariff policies
  • Others

PVC industry in China

  • Overview of PVC industry
  • PVC production
  • PVC Demand
  • Market analysis of PVC

PVC by calcium carbide method in China

  • Production, by company
  • Producers
  • Construction and future projects
  • Raw material analysis
  • Cost analysis of PVC
  • Forecast on PVC by calcium carbide method

Petrochemical business in China

  • Ethylene capacity
  • Supply and demand of petrochemical product
  • Major petrochemical complex
  • Expansion plan of complex
  • Raw materials
  • New technology and substitute


Companies Mentioned:

  • Tianjin Dagu Chemical industry Co., Ltd.
  • Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
  • Soda Chloride Factory
  • LG DAGU Chemical Ltd.
  • Yibin Tianyuan Group Company limited
  • Formosa Industries (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.


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