Demo Air Net Reduces Threats Caused by Airborne Dust in Construction Sites

The "Demo Air Net" simply straps to the discharge end of the fan, and suddenly you have converted the fan into a reusable massive air filter, removing airborne pollutants. It turns an ordinary box fan or circular fan into a convenient, portable, inexpensive tool for reducing airborne dust associated with drywall, cement, sanding, routing, sawing, demolition, construction, insulation and allergens including pet hair and dander. The Demo Air Net is scientifically proven as an engineered control to remove up to 97.5% of airborne pollutants and carcinogens that float in the air.

With the aid of a typical fan the inventor, contractor Patrick Sheehan, addressed and solved controlling dust and associated hazards, using what he obtained in jet schools while serving in the US Marines. It has always been understood that along with construction, manufacturing and demolition comes the uncontrollable airborne dust. Plastic and tape over doors seal the threat in with the worker, and fans in windows pollute the outdoors. So finally this contractor developed a fabric that filters the air on a microscopic level. The intriguing part is its highly versatile. It is being used in manufacturing, construction, woodworking, even laundry facilities for hospitals. Even pet hair and dander - essentially, any target that floats - is easily captured.

It has been designed to be washable, and is extremely durable. Patrick knew from his training that typical fan blades move thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. He knew that if he was capable of filtering the air leaving the fan, he could control and ultimately solve a very real problem. He wanted to protect his fellow workers and himself from exposure to the potential threats. He specializes in renovating buildings from the 1800's, where coal dust is a very real threat.

The unique fabric that makes up the "Demo Air Net" goes through 15 steps, last of which heat cures to 480 degrees, locking in the "filtration" properties. This is the stage at which the microfibers are locked at the exact spacing to permit airflow, yet retain dust particles of drywall to concrete, preventing them from passing through the filter walls. After extensive testing, Sheehan realized that it is a very small window in which a particle of dust can be captured. Lesser fabrics won't resist the expansion and contraction of washing, can't trap all the varied airborne threats and especially fall short of capturing a 5-Micron target long-term.

Now something exists that clears the air, before it reaches you. The Demo Air Net makes any shop or work site project easier and cleaner while costing significantly less than a traditional air filtration system.

Demo Air Net is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business. Demo Air Net is MADE IN THE USA.


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