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AAL Unveils New Largent LED Light for Building Markets

Architectural Area Lighting (AAL), a leading provider of architectural outdoor fixtures for the commercial, architectural and municipal building markets, introduces the Largent™ LED as part of their new Designer SSL Series of high performance area luminaires featuring exclusive MicroEmitter™ technology.  The popular Largent line features a modern geometric housing design and is the first post top luminaire to feature the exclusive MicroEmitter LED technology – allowing the light to be precisely aimed with minimal glare.

MicroEmitter Technology and Beam Angle Design Provide Uniform, Low-Glare Illumination

Largent™ LED

Largent is among the first luminaires to feature MicroEmitter LED Technology.  The technology is focused in the EmitterDeck, which consists of an array of replaceable MicroEmitter modules that tightly and precisely control each diode.  A secondary perimeter reflector contained within the housing redirects any stray light. The result is powerful, low glare, uniform illumination.

AAL's exclusive MicroEmitter control and beam angle design limits glare, while still maintaining wide pole spacing.  The result is maximum throw with broad, uniform illumination.  This unique precision aiming system ensures that even when looking directly at the luminaire, only one-half of the LEDs can be viewed at any given time.  This results in 50 percent less glare when compared to other exposed, uncontrolled LED systems currently on the market.

Other Largent LED features:

  • Like other luminaires in the line, Largent LED is superbly designed, featuring the following elements:  glare guard perimeter reflector; center reflector that distributes light evenly directly below the luminaire; heat dissipating aluminum carrier plate; precisely aimed MicroEmitters; one-piece memory retentive silicone gasket; and die cast housing for maximum durability and long life.
  • Largent LED is available with four distribution patterns (Type 2, 3, 4 or 5)  and two color temperatures:  60LED-WW (60 light emitting diode array – 70-73 total input watts – warm white [3500K] 120 through 277 volt) and 60LED-BW (60 light emitting diode array – 70-73 total input watts – bright white [5100K] 120 through 277 volt).  Energy efficient lighting solutions, such as Largent LED, can significantly reduce lighting costs without sacrificing light levels.
  • Field replaceable upgrade kits are available, including existing HID to LED retrofits. An entire EmitterDeck assembly, including drivers and 20 LED MicroEmitters (60 diodes), is provided along with a replacement dome assembly for the luminaire.
  • Largent LED's finish consists of a five-stage pretreatment regimen with a polymer primer sealer, oven dry off, and top coated with a thermoset super TGIC polyester powder coat finish available in 13 standard colors.


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