New Take on the Drywall Cart Makes Life Easier

NuWay Tools is excited to debut the 'Pump-er Up', a completely brand new take on the drywall cart. Conceived with everyday workers and the way they actually work in mind, Pump-er Up makes it much easier to get your job done.

Pump-er Up is fully mobile, so everything needed to finish a drywall job can be steered anywhere on the jobsite floor. With the joint compound bucket placed on a stable raised platform, there’s no need to lean over and pump mud anymore. Any standard joint compound loading pump attaches directly to the top bracket. This allows for easy steering and maneuvering over cords and hoses, while four fully moving casters mean the assembly won't tip over. The lower platform is perfect for spare tools, taping knives, tool oil, and, of course, lunch!

Pump-er-Up on jobsite

The 'Pump-er-Up' true revolution is in its attachment to the standard joint compound pump. It provides an elevated and fully mobile platform that is easily moved about the floor by the pump handle. With the companion 'LongNeck' attached in place of a standard gooseneck, it couldn’t be easier to fill an automatic taper. It’s safe and quick to move the taper to a new work area as the combination holds the taper securely in place.

Working on stilts traditionally requires extra labor – one worker on the stilts and one to run back to the bucket and fill the tools. Using the 'Pump-er-Up' allows one worker to pull the bucket of compound and fill their own tools, saving both time and work. Pump-er Up means drywall workers can get finish jobs done faster and save money.

The attached video demonstrates exactly how versatile and helpful this new tool is. Constructed with solid steel and heavy duty components means this long-lasting material will proudly serve for years to come.

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