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  • Article - 1 Oct 2019
    mart technology has facilitated the establishment of the smart building market, where semiconductors are playing an essential role in supporting automation systems.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2019
    Sustainability is promoted in terms of how buildings are designed and constructed, thus improving the quality of building and their impact on the environment.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2019
    Although the terms mortar, cement and concrete may be used interchangeably, each of these materials serve very different functions within the construction industry.
  • Article - 8 Jul 2019
    Lime is one of the oldest building materials in existence and can be used to make many different types of mortar. Find out about the different types of lime, including lime putty and hydraulic lime.
  • Article - 8 Jul 2019
    Hemp, a plant that is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species, can be used to create an environmentally friendly building material. What is Hempcrete?
  • Article - 21 May 2019
    Despite our efforts to seek more viable planets to live in via space exploration, there is no escaping the reality that for most of us right now, Earth is the only home that we have.
  • Article - 18 May 2019
    Generally speaking, a smart city makes use of sensors, connected devices and data analysis to effect various systems, from transportation to law enforcement.
  • Article - 25 Apr 2019
    The development of state-of-the-art robotics has revolutionized the construction industry.
  • Article - 24 Apr 2019
    Moisture is a cause of surface damage, so hydrophobic surface treatment building materials is crucial to prevent the deterioration process, dirt deposition or aggressive agents activity.
  • Article - 3 Apr 2019
    The devastating environmental effects of plastic waste are very much in the public consciousness.