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  • Article - 15 Dec 2021
    Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has made its mark in almost every industrial sector today, and architecture is no different. Algorithms now automatically process information to help architects...
  • Article - 4 Nov 2021
    PlusPool is an innovative feat of engineering that aims to clean up the East River while providing a spot for New Yorkers to swim.
  • Article - 12 Oct 2021
    AZoBuild talks to Professors Noguchi and Maruyama about their research and development of Calcium Carbonate Concrete (CCC), a new material that has the potential to cause a sustainable revolution in...
  • Article - 27 Jul 2018
    As communities consider solutions to building towns and cities sustainably, interdependencies among natural & man-made systems become more important.
  • Article - 12 Aug 2016
    Heating & cooling expenses in a home can be reduced if the heat flow resistance provided by an insulation material is high.
  • Article - 11 Oct 2006
    THis article discusses the advantages of Clecon's thin joint system.
  • Article - 19 Jul 2006
    Celcon manufactures a wide range of quality aircrete products, available in a variety of grades and dimensions, and all conforming to BS 6073. This is the excellence of Celcon aircrete.
  • Article - 15 Jun 2006
    Celcon blocks can be used as the infill material for conventional beam and block floors in dwellings at both ground and upper floor levels.
  • Article - 26 May 2006
    There’s no end of advantages when it comes to choosing H+H Celcon products. We build excellence into everything we make, so that it’s as good as it possibly can be. Just look at the 66 Celcon...
  • Article - 28 Jan 2022
    The construction industry is experiencing poor profit margins and falling orders, and there is a dire need to improve its productivity. Research in the journal Buildings takes a look at modular...