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  • Article - 21 May 2019
    Wood frames have long been the widely used framing system in the construction industry, largely due to the fact that wood is a relatively easy to source construction material.
  • Article - 4 Sep 2019
    A new project between ICON and New Story will demonstrate that 3D housing is the future of affordable housing by constructing an entirely 3D printed neighborhood.
  • Article - 26 Jun 2008
    NUVEX Saniboard is a modified polyethylene (PE) and created for the replacement of timber panels and other tradition construction products such as MDF, Plywood, Marine Ply, wood, cement sheet and...
  • Article - 28 Feb 2007
    The use of galvanizing or structural steel protection gives you ten major, measurable benefits.
  • Article - 12 Apr 2023
    Recently, researchers have investigated the use of “smart” materials in the construction industry and the benefits these innovative materials can bring. This article will explore this subject.
  • Article - 21 Jan 2022
    Prefabricated construction has become increasingly popular in recent years. This article will consider this construction method, what advantages and disadvantages it has over other ways to build...
  • Article - 15 Dec 2021
    In the last decade, an artifact from the marine and transportation industries has landed squarely on our shores.
  • Article - 3 Apr 2019
    Wind power has long been hailed as a clean and renewable source of energy, which will help to reduce our reliance on polluting fossil fuels. But, is there a downside?
  • Article - 14 Mar 2023
    With broad applications encompassing design, bidding, financing, procurement, operations, asset management, and business model transformation, AI is poised to revolutionize the industry. Potential...
  • Article - 9 Aug 2022
    Researchers at a private university in the USA recently announced that they were developing a hemp rebar product that could replace steel rebar in construction projects.