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  • Article - 18 Nov 2003
    This report (227 kb pdf) gives summaries of the responses to the 23 questions posed in Part 4 of the consultation document published on 21 May 2002 and the other issues that consultees raised.
  • Article - 17 Oct 2003
    This Chapter gives guidance on meeting the Technical Requirements and recommendations for internal services, including plumbing, hot and cold water supply, and gas, electric and solid fuel heating...
  • Article - 4 Jul 2003
    Presents illustrated basic reference information on electrical building services systems for construction clients and professionals. Technical Brief.
  • Article - 3 Jul 2003
    States that a number of high profile electrical failures have highlighted the importance of 'quality' in the electrical power delivered to equipment in commercial and industrial buildings. Technical...
  • Article - 9 May 2003
    Explains recent revisions to the Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing 1994 to comply with a new European standard BS EN 50106:1997 for the safety of household and similar electrical...
  • Article - 9 May 2003
    Raises concerns that electrical appliances badly distributed along a ring circuit in a kitchen may cause one leg to carry more than 30A without operating a 30 or 32A protective device, leading to...
  • Article - 9 May 2003
    Explains the choices available to purchasers of electrical energy in deregulated markets in the USA. Abstract.
  • Article - 9 May 2003
    Surveys recent experiences of deregulation of energy suppliers of electrical energy in various states of the USA. Abstract.
  • Article - 9 May 2003
    Explains that using premium efficiency motors is good because they perform better and last longer. Abstract.
  • Article - 9 May 2003
    Examines the traditional technology of motor control centres (MCCs) which group electrical distribution and switching and motor control in a module. Abstract.