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    Strongwell Corporation is the world’s largest pultruder of fiber reinforced polymer composites. Strongwell’s FRP products were chosen as solutions in many different markets. For the mining...
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    Rocland is an international manufacturer of products for industrial concrete floors - including dry-shake surface hardeners, polymer screeds, admixtures, concrete fibres, bonding agents, curing and...
  • Article - 21 May 2004
    Reinforced concrete beams 8500 x 150 x 250 mm were strengthened with externally bonded carbon fibre-reinforced polymer ( CFRP ) and the strength measured under three-point-loading. Technical Brief.
  • Article - 16 Apr 2004
    The design and construction of the first fibre-reinforced polymer ( FRP ) public highway bridge in Western Europe are described. Project.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2004
    Maintenance, routine inspection and repair of fibre-reinforced components are briefly reviewed. Technical Brief.
  • Article - 18 Nov 2003
    The Thermopole is a new polymer based lamp post developed to reduce the risk to motorists in a collision. News.
  • Article - 4 Jul 2003
    Mild steel rebar is the most commonly used material in the reinforcement of concrete slabs or in the construction of straw bale walls. Product.
  • News - 12 Sep 2014
    FRP rebars market in construction industry is a large segment, worth several millions. The fiber reinforced polymer usually consists of a combination of reinforcement fibers and a polymer resin...
  • News - 31 Aug 2012
    Composite Advantage (CA) has announced that a novel three span steel superstructure located at Wolf Creek National Park adjacent to Vienna, was installed with FiberSPAN fiber reinforced polymer (FRP)...
  • Article - 28 Nov 2003
    The development and use of fibre-reinforced polymers for civil and structural engineering applications in Japan, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and the US are reviewed. Technical Brief