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    Covestro materials and the products made from them enrich daily lives and make the world a brighter place. Whether as insulation for houses or the refrigerators inside them, in mattresses,...
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    H+H Celcon has been manufacturing aircrete in the UK since 1949 and is the leading specialist manufacturer in its field. It is part of the Danish H+H Group with manufacturing and marketing operations...
  • Article - 10 May 2004
    This brochure describes the Alreflex 2L2 Super-R roof insulation material, a non-ventilated system, produced by Thermal Economics Ltd, and its installation in roofs and walls.
  • Article - 6 Apr 2004
    The non ventilated Alreflex 2L2 Super-R roofing system from Thermal Economics.
  • Article - 19 Mar 2004
    Kingspan Insulated Panels has launched a brand new product to complement their innovative range of time-saving, pre-engineered construction systems - a steel faced insulated panel system that combines...
  • Article - 5 Mar 2004
    The heating and cooling loads of buildings constitute a major part of the overall energy consumption, especially in extreme weather conditions. Technical Brief.
  • Article - 27 Feb 2004
    The control of condensation in roof spaces whilst achieving the Building Regulations requirement for a U-value of 0.16 W/sq m/K is discussed. Topic.
  • Article - 22 Dec 2003
    Thermal barriers, intended to minimise building temperatures by reflecting solar radiation, were studied and an empirical model of the thermal behaviour was developed. Technical Brief
  • Article - 1 Dec 2003
    Solar panels, which not only generate 23000 kWh of electricity per annum, but also insulate against aircraft noise, have been installed on the roof of a church hall under a Heathrow flight path.
  • Article - 9 Jul 2004
    The characteristics of vapour permeable underlays for both ventilated and non-ventilated pitched roofs vary according to manufacturer, and this must be taken into account when the roof is designed and...