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  • Article - 9 Jul 2004
    The increase in the number of reported cases of roof timber rot and mould is attributed to the failure of contractors to properly ventilate cold and warm pitched roofs according to British Regulations...
  • Article - 28 May 2004
    Kingspan Insulated Panels has established a leading global position for design solutions and in the manufacture and supply of pre-engineered insulated roof and wall systems.
  • Article - 21 May 2004
    An increasing number of condensation problems in house roofs caused by poor roof ventilation are being observed. Topic.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2004
    Conventional methods of roof ventilation are not compatible with the new Building Regulations Part L, which encourages airtight systems. Topic.
  • Article - 27 Feb 2004
    As many as 30 million homes in the US may have vermiculite loft insulation which contains asbestos, supplied under the brand name Zonolite. Topic.
  • Article - 22 Dec 2003
    The temperature and humidity in a room in Delhi with a roof exposed to solar radiation, and with a direct evaporative cooler, were determined for different times of the year using computer...
  • Article - 11 Dec 2003
    Natural Building Technologies have introduced Pavatherm, a high thermal and acoustic insulating fiberboard. Product.
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    Produced by the extrusion of high-silica rhyolite lava, perlite is a light-grey, glassy rock, with a pearly lustre and concentric fracture.
  • News - 26 Jul 2010
    Demand for roofing and insulation is directly dependent upon the prosperity of the construction industry and general economic conditions in a given country. Global demand for roofing materials...
  • Article - 7 May 2003
    States improvement in insulation can cause problems in other areas. Abstract.