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    Lagan is highly active throughout Ireland, the UK and beyond. Quarrying, Lagan's original business activity, retains a key role within the portfolio. Lagan produces in excess of 3.5 million tonnes of...
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    A modern renewable energy company, with a fresh approach and a passion for design. We understand the importance of your project and specialise in adding value. We’re proud to be different, by...
  • Article - 24 Nov 2006
    OSMA Stormline from Wavin Plastics, is an easy to install, high ogee system.
  • Article - 25 Mar 2003
    The modern influx of new materials could lead to the loss of regional characteristics.
  • Article - 17 Apr 2003
    Roofing tile manufacturer Nibra, based in Gross Ammensleben, Germany, has succeeded in making a roofing tile (DS5) with a size of 60 x 38 cm. Abstract.
  • Article - 9 Sep 2003
    Daniel Platt roof tiles offer a natural richness of colour, an authentic time worn appeal, and provide the opportunity to create truly distinctive roofing designs, or meet particular restoration...
  • Article - 13 Jun 2003
    Air impact drying seems to be a promising method for high speed drying of green plain roofing tiles. Abstract.
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    The composition of raw materials and maximum firing temperatures have a great influence on the characteristics of ceramic roofing tiles.
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    Fire protection of roofing and steep-pitched clay tiled roofs is discussed, looking in turn at terminology, preventive fire protection in the developed attic storey, and construction details for...
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    Using electrostatic dry glazing, the elimination of water from glazing systems may soon be a reality. This technology is suited to china, porcelain, roof tiles, technical ceramics and other glazed...