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E Wall is a patented technology for building gravity retaining walls. E Walls are constructed using a unique building block, the “Ecoflex Unit” to enable low cost construction of structurally superior high performance retaining walls.

E Wall System

The E Wall System offers structurally superior retaining walls featuring:

•        Lower Cost than Conventional Walls

•        Complies with Australian Standards

•        Technical Performance

•        Sustainable Technology

“As civil contractors, E Wall gives us real competitive advantage”, Peter Ward, Managing Director, Keller Civil Engineering

Figure 1. Ecoflex E Wall with Mock Rock facing at Lisarow, NSW

E Wall Technology

E Wall is a patented technology for building gravity retaining walls. E Walls are constructed using a unique building block, the “Ecoflex Unit” to enable Low Cost Construction of high performance retaining walls.

The Ecoflex Unit is based upon the use of quality controlled recycled tyres to form a robust adaptable container. Once filled with rock/recycled concrete an incredibly strong and porous building block is formed, capable of supporting surcharge loads in excess of 80 KPA. These building blocks are than combined in various cellular arrangements to comply with Australian engineering standards and building codes.

The Ecoflex Unit provides high structural strength and can be combined with a range of facing options to deliver the appearance required for any project.

Engineering Properties of the Ecoflex Unit:

•        Speed and ease of construction delivers low cost construction

•        Excellent load distribution and high tensile strength ensures structural performance.

•        Durability and longevity in excess of the most stringent design requirements.

•        Excellent drainage and internal flexibility of Units ensure performance under variable geotechnical conditions

•        Engineer Design Software available

Building With E Wall

Ecoflex Australia licenses construction firms to use the E Wall system. The E Wall cost advantage enables E Wall licensees to win more business and/or increase their margins in every construction project.

•        Civil                  

•        Mining     

•        Municipal Councils         

•        Commercial        

•        Agriculture         

•        State and Federal Government Depts.

Technically Effective

"Ecoflex retaining walls have proven highly reliable in commercial and industrial subdivision developments", Bruce Fletcher, CSG Engineers

Structural Strength

•        Single Cell Design > 80 kPa Surcharge Load

•        Multi Cell Design – High Load Capacity

•        Ideal for Poor Geotechnical Conditions

Design Flexibility

•        Wide Range of Design Solutions

•        Any Practical Wall Height

•        Varying Angles, Curves, Batters, steps

Construction Speed

•        Faster Erection – Shorter Project Duration

•        Labour Saving

•        Lower Plant & Machinery Costs


•        Vast Range of Facing Options

•        Option Available to suit any Project Situation

Tested & Proven

•        Over 250 Projects in 6 Years

•        Tested by University of Newcastle

•        Each Project Designed & Certified by Professional Structural Engineers

E Wall has been Used or Assessed for Engineering or Environmental Performance by:

•        TUNRA

•        Ecolabel (AELA)

•        Parsons Brinckerhoff (PPK)

•        GHD

•        SMEC

•        Marsen Group

•        HLA Envirosciences

•        Leighton Holdings

•        NSW RTA

•        Landcare

•        Sinclair Knight

•        Energy Australia

•        CSG Engineers

•        Australian Technology Showcase

•        Australian Centre for Construction Innovation (UNSW)

Cost Effective

The E Wall system is cost effective at every stage in the design and construction process. Ecoflex Australia can supply gravity wall designs to meet any purpose or your design engineer can use software designed specifically for E Wall.

The construction process is faster and lower cost because Ecoflex products are themselves low cost and because the system is simply easier to construct than conventional wall building systems. The net result is a superior wall that costs less to build – typically 25% less than competing technologies.

Figure 2. Double and Single Cell E Wall for Cul de Sac Trent St, Charlestown, NSW

Sustainable Technology

The Problem

Australians dispose of 18 Million used tyres every year. The vast majority of these end up in landfill sites or illegally dumped – a 100% waste of valuable resources. Because waste tyres degrade extremely slowly in landfill they represent a long term cost to the environment.

The Solution

Ecoflex turns a used tyre into a valuable resource. By recycling used tyres Ecoflex not only solves the disposal problem but reduces the environmental cost of virgin products. The decision to build an E Wall instead of a conventional wall made from virgin products, has the effect of saving both the total energy required and in turn the greenhouse gases production of virgin material.

Ecoflex is accredited under ISO 14001 – the International Standard and is also certified by the Australian Ecolabel Program.

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