66 Advantages of Products from H+H Celcon

There’s no end of advantages when it comes to choosing H+H Celcon products. We build excellence into everything we make, so that it’s as good as it possibly can be. Just look at the 66 Celcon advantages and you’ll find there’s every reason to buy them.

Celcon’s Build Quality

1.      Build quality

2.      Made to accurate dimensions

3.      Approved by the BBA

4.      CE marked, meeting the latest European Standards

5.      Approved by the NHBC

6.      All factories are ISO 9001 compliant

7.      Employs the latest technology (e.g. Thin-Layer mortar)

Celcon’s Excellent Thermal Insulation

8.      Excellent thermal insulation

9.      Reduces or eliminates the need for additional insulation

10.  Offers enhanced thermal insulation when used in foundations and beam and block floors

11.  Helps to create a comfortable living environment

12.  Provides even temperature range in winter or summer

13.  Distributes moisture throughout the building

14.  Satisfies Part L of the Building Regulations

Celcon’s Excellent Sound Insulation

15.  Excellent sound insulation

16.  Achieves 40db sound insulation for partition walls (100mm blocks)

17.  Comfortably satisfies Part E Building Regulations

18.  Achieves Part E compliance by pre-completion testing or robust details method

Celcon’s Fireproof

19.  Fireproof

20.  Fire resistant (100 mm walls, up to 2 hours if load-bearing, up to 4 hours if not

21.  Class [O/A1] surface spread of flame

Celcon’s Fast to Build with

22.  Fast to build with

23.  Great productivity benefits from all Celcon products

24.  Very fast wall construction using Thin-Joint

25.  Even faster using Jumbo Plus blocks with Thin-Joint

26.  Large format floor blocks are quick to lay

Celcon’s Versatile

27.  Versatile

28.  Accepts a wide range of finishes

29.  Multi-purpose - use to build the entire dwelling

30.  Adaptable for use in innovative designs

31.  Easy to alter during or after the build process

Celcon’s User-Friendly

32.  User-friendly

33.  Easy to fix to

34.  Can hold heavy fixings or loadings

35.  Easy to work using simple hand tools

36.  Maintenance-free

37.  Easy to achieve airtight construction

38.  Shrink-wrapped for protection and cleanliness

39.  Delivered on pallets for easy movement and storage

Celcon’s Lightweight

40.  Lightweight

41.  Easily meets CDM requirements for manual handling

42.  Easy to transport

43.  Less than half the weight of the equivalent aggregate block

44.  Reduces the building load in high rise construction

45.  Enables wider spans in beam and block floors

Celcon’s Strong

46.  Strong

47.  Load-bearing

48.  Suitable for foundations of houses and low-rise flats

49.  Build up to 4 stories without a structural frame

50.  Block strength from 2.8N/mm² to 10eN/mm²

Celcon’s Robust and Durable

51.  Robust and Durable

52.  Low wear and tear

53.  Resists sulphate attack in foundations

54.  Water-resistant

55.  Frost-resistant

56.  Does not rot or decay

57.  Excellent impact (ballistic) resistance

Celcon’s Environmentally Friendly

58.  Environmentally friendly

59.  All factories are ISO 14001 compliant

60.  Easy to cut, reducing on-site waste

61.  Recyclable as aggregates

62.  Made with pulverised fuel ash (a by-product of another industry)

Celcon’s Low Embodied Energy

63.  Low embodied energy

64.  Lightweight means more can be delivered at once, reducing journeys

65.  Improves EcoHomes ratings

66.  Most production waste material is recycled back into the manufacturing process

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by H + H Celcon.

For more information on this source, please visit H + H Celcon.


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