Rå House the all-in-one House Building Concept

Rå House (pronounced ‘raw’) is a brand new, hassle free approach to housebuilding. Utilising some of the most innovative building materials and processes, a weather tight masonry shell is achieved quickly and efficiently by a single team of experts. It’s a Rå House. Remember the name.

Celcon Rå House Advantages

  • Hassle-free all-in-one installation
  • Robust aircrete masonry
  • Superior build quality
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving, super-quick construction
  • Weather tight in just a few days
  • Impressive thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Low on waste and defective materials
  • Cutting-edge, eco-friendly housing
  • Readily available
  • Reliable delivery

Celocn Rå House Technology

A Rå House is a quick and efficient way to build a weathertight masonry shell, using H+H Celcon’s Thin Joint blockwork walls combined with other advanced materials such as:

  • Celcon Foundation blocks
  • Celcon Flooring System (ground floors)
  • Celcon’s Thin Joint System
  • Proprietary intermediate floors
  • Roof trusses, felt and batten

Celcon Rå House Expert Installers

Rå House is built by Expert Installers. We work with only properly trained and qualified personnel to install the floors, walls and roof of every Rå House, including suspended ground floors, cavity insulation, felt and battens to the roof where required.

  • Have an excellent track record of competence and quality workmanship
  • Are specially trained to use H+H Celcon’s Thin Joint System
  • Accelerate build-speed using Lean Process techniques to eliminate dead time
  • Seek early involvement with developers at the project planning stage to optimise the benefits of the Rå House system
  • Can provide labour-only or labour and-materials services

The advantages of teamwork can be measured in speed and build quality, with no logistical problems of having to co-ordinate different tradesmen for each stage of the build. Rå House teams work quickly and efficiently to complete the shell of the Rå House, so that it is then ready for internal and external finishing.

Celcon Rå House Benefits

  • Achieve a weather tight masonry shell without experiencing the usual delays and logistical problems associated with a conventional build
  • Save time and money by combining the excellence of H+H Celcon’s Thin- Joint system with other advanced Celcon products to create a high performance, all-in-one solution
  • Reduce the risk of rain penetration by building the inner leaf independently of the brickwork – leading to cleaner cavities and better quality control
  • Match the speed of timber frame construction without the lead times for timber frame manufacture AND with greater design flexibility
  • Increase efficiency through our continuous working processes that allow labour to be concentrated in fewer plots at a time
  • Comfortably satisfy Building Regulations Parts E and L for acoustic and thermal insulation using H+H Celcon products
  • Minimise wastage of materials through the efficiency of Rå House installation, thus benefiting the environment and saving money
  • Choose the Celcon Thin-Joint System: recognised by the Housing Corporation and English Partnerships as a Modern Method of Construction (MMC)
  • Use Aircrete blockwork for foundations, external walls, ground floors and partitions to boost your scheme’s chances of achieving ‘A’ ratings (under the BRE’s Green Guide to Specification) and Good, Very Good and Excellent passes (under the BRE’s EcoHomes Assessment scheme)

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by H + H Celcon.

For more information on this source, please visit H + H Celcon.


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