Ancon Stainless Steel Housing Lintels

Ancon Lintels are manufactured from stainless steel and do not require any further corrosion protection.

The standard range of Ancon Lintels is designed to suit the majority of loading conditions found in residential and commercial buildings.

Special lintels can be manufactured to suit architectural features, heavy duty applications and wall constructions not covered by the standard range.

Ancon Housing Lintels

Ancon Housing Lintels are suitable for most domestic, small commercial developments and framed structures. They are supplied complete with insulation and metal lathing to provide a plaster key.

AzoBuild - Building Technology "Housing Lintel"

Corrosion Resistance

Ancon Housing Lintels are manufactured from Austenitic stainless steel and do not require any further corrosion protection. These lintels require a separate damp proof course.

Thermal Performance

The thermal transmittance, i.e. ‘U’ value, of any wall construction depends on the thermal characteristics of the individual components being used. The design of the Housing Lintel is such that it allows for continuity of construction down to window head level.

Housing Lintels are supplied insulated with CFC-free, high density polystyrene manufactured in accordance with BS 3837: Part 1: 1986 to be CFC-free with an ozone depletion potential of zero.

Fire Rating

The Ancon Housing Lintel has been independently tested for its performance in a fire and has a one hour fire rating.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Ancon Building Products.

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