Ancon Unilintels Designed for Heavy Duty Loading

Ancon Unilintels are designed for the heavy duty loading conditions often found in commercial developments and have the top flange built into the inner leaf. They are supplied complete with metal lathing to provide a plaster key and can be used without a separate damp proof course. Insulation can be supplied as an optional extra.

AzoBuild - Building Technology "Ancon Untilintels"

Thermal Performance

The thermal transmittance, i.e. ‘U’ value, of any wall construction depends on the thermal characteristics of the individual components being used. The design of the Unilintel is such that it allows for continuity of construction down to window head level.

Corrosion Resistance

Ancon Unilintels are manufactured from Austenitic stainless steel and do not require any further corrosion protection.

A separate damp proof course is unnecessary with the Unilintel range, however some authorities currently require a damp proof course in areas of severe exposure as defined in BS 5628 : Part 3 : 1985 “Materials and components, design and workmanship”.

Fire Rating

The Ancon Unilintel has been independently assessed for its performance in a fire and has a one hour fire rating.

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