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Could You Tell Us About Your Company?

EMS develops and manufactures continuous environmental monitoring solutions – mostly for the monitoring of noise, vibration, dust and air quality.  All the data from these services are recorded in one single, easy to use, software monitoring platform. The Sentinel service, offers many unique advantages to our customers, such as receiving alerts, being able to report on numerous environmental conditions and if wished for, to share data with local stakeholders and communities.

EMS has a 30 year pedigree in airport environmental monitoring, having around 75% of all the global major airports as customers, and we are now bring this expertise to other key verticals such as construction, ports and mining.

Why are You Exhibiting at the London Build Expo?

It is the biggest event for construction in the UK – so why wouldn’t we be here! Construction is a large focus for us strategically, and we believe we can help the industry through the digital transformation and stakeholder engagement programmes that are starting to gather momentum.  As constructors begin to build more on brownfield, they are going to be impacting their neighbors more, especially in densely packed urban areas such as London. This is where our services come into their own.

We have experience to demonstrate how stakeholder engagement, using continuous environmental monitoring, can lead to improved outcomes for constructors, both commercially and from a brand perspective.


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