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An Overview of MMC - Modern Methods of Construction

Modern methods of construction, also known as smart construction, are a quick way to construct new buildings achieved by maximizing the efficiency of materials and human resources.

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Just like other industries, construction has seen many innovations over the past few years, with new methods continuously being developed and improved to meet the needs required for the 21st century regarding sustainability and efficiency.

What are Modern Methods Of Construction (MMC)?

Modern methods of construction (MMC) have been promoted as a way to work more effectively to achieve more and faster without using more resources.

At its core, MMC focuses on the use of off-site construction techniques that benefit from factory and mass production methods. In 2005, in the middle of another housing crisis, the National Audit Office (NAO) described MMC as a process undertaken to produce more and better quality homes in significantly less time.

Modern methods of construction have positioned architects as useful and progressive contributors to social initiatives.

Benefits Of Modern Methods of Construction

The benefits of modern methods of construction can be organized into key six areas.


Using modern methods of construction can deliver a time-saving range between 10% to 50% of the conventional construction time. This entails opening early with consequent revenue benefits or allowing developers to deliver a project with a specific time deadline such as the start of a school or university term.


Due to the elemental design processes, factory and quality control, reduced waste generation, and fewer transports, the use of MMC will have a direct impact on the sustainability and carbon content of the project. Both in its construction phase and the building's use, sustainability will be affected in a positive way.


As a result of using the modern methods of construction, this offers improved efficiency and productivity. Consequently, the activities in an MMC project are more predictable, with a reduction in occurrences of risks or hazards.

In addition, more of the site work is moved to the factory environment. Further safety benefits have an impact with reduced or eliminated working at heights, better separation of personnel and vehicle movement, and the ability to introduce mechanical assistance. The construction manner provides plant equipment to assist with repetitive tasks.


The quality of the finished product is much easier to control when you have more meticulous processes in a controlled, dry, easy, and accessible environment. Therefore, any defects can be captured at the source and significantly reduced.

Reduced Disruption

Modern methods of construction will not only reduce the time required on-site but also have a direct side effect in that there is little or no need for a parking space for cars, material storage, or welfare facilities. As a result, there are reduced traffic movements and less disturbance to the neighboring residents within the site's vicinity.


Implementation of MMC strategies on a project eliminates the possibility of unforeseen circumstances that impact project programs. This consequently reduces costs and increases the project certainty and completion within its budget. This is very beneficial for projects which intensely rely on opening dates.

The Disadvantages Of MMC

The initial cost of modern methods of construction is often very high. Modern methods of construction will require transportation machinery and equipment to transport the three-dimensional sections of the buildings. Handling the MMC components will require specialized equipment. There is often a security risk to handling the components at the construction site.


The use of the MMC comes at a time when the world population continues to increase significantly and has led to severe housing shortages around the world. Modern methods of construction or smart construction can be a solution to deal with housing shortages in a quick and economical way.

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Olivia Hudson

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Olivia Hudson

Olivia has recently graduated with a double bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and Business Management from the RMIT University in Australia. During her studies, she volunteered in Peru to construct wind turbines for local communities that did not have access to technology. This experience developed into an active interest and passion in discovering new advancements in materials and the construction industry.  


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