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New Technology Leveraged to Paint Buildings

Painting buildings is traditionally a long and laborious task. However, new technology offers significant time and cost savings by improving the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of painting new buildings. This article will look at a new start-up leveraging technology to paint buildings, PaintJet.

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About the Company

PaintJet is a new start-up based in Hendersonville, TN in the USA. Founded by Nick Hegeman, Dr. Sonia Chacko, and Steve Wasilowski, the company leverages innovative technologies to provide painting services for large-scale commercial and industrial facilities, infrastructure, and marine applications.

The technologies that PaintJet uses are at the leading edge of the structural painting field, with advanced robotics and specially designed coatings at the center of the company’s commercial offering. The company uses cutting-edge data analytics and imaging technologies to provide large-scale painting jobs for clients.

PaintJet’s Technology and Approach

PaintJet, as mentioned above, utilizes advanced robotics, AI, imaging, and specialty coatings to deliver large-scale painting jobs for customers in a number of sectors. The company states that the technology is compatible with any commercially available paint but recommends its proprietary paint solutions.

The first step in a painting job by the company is the use of drones to fully inspect the facility, providing pricing and scope insights. By using drones, the company can quickly and efficiently assess the current surface condition and maintenance needs.

Imaging technologies are used to analyze the structural surface as well as coating and environmental conditions. This provides the company with insights that help ensure that the applied coating will be of high quality and that the project itself will proceed with high efficiency.

The surface is then prepared by PaintJet’s robots, removing any problematic mildew, dirt, and rust. Both visible and non-visible surface contaminants are removed, ensuring superior paint adhesion. Both remote control and AI are used to control the robots safely from the ground by PaintJet’s professionals.

The coatings themselves are optimized for robotic applications. Thus, the entire asset is futureproofed, and the company provides long-term, transferrable warranties covering both application and materials.

Finally, advanced data analytics are employed by PaintJet to provide real-time insights into project efficiency, progress, and the long-term durability and quality of applied coatings. Overall, PaintJet’s technological solutions to a traditionally laborious and time-consuming construction task represent a step-change in the industry.

Types of Industries and Assets PaintJet Serve

All industries need efficient, cost-effective painting and coating solutions for a multitude of structures and assets. PaintJet provides services to multiple industries, highlighting the advantages of advanced, innovative technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence over conventional, labor-intensive painting.

Industrial infrastructure such as water tanks, water towers, sound barriers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and chemical and water storage assets can be coated and protected against environmental damage.

Commercial infrastructure, which can be coated using PaintJet’s technology, includes big box retail, warehouses, and distribution centers. Thermal barriers and fluid-applied air barriers can be weatherproofed. Furthermore, marine assets such as naval and commercial shipping, barges, offshore wind turbines, marine terminals, hulls, bilge tanks, and ballast tanks can benefit from the company’s coatings.

Some of PaintJet’s Successful Projects

Whilst still a relatively young company, PaintJet has already provided critical painting support to a number of projects in the US.

The company provided coating expertise to Brinkman Construction during a challenging weather season in Colorado, meeting all the client’s requirements from project start to close. An efficient and scalable painting solution was provided to Brinkman Construction by PaintJet.

Another successful project involved repainting the exterior of a commercial facility for a client, Paddywax, in a tight timescale of two weeks as the client was listing the property for sale. The 200,000-square-foot facility was fully repainted, and joint sealant was applied by PaintJet, bringing the property up to a sellable standard.

PaintJet has also helped Clayton Homes rebrand by repainting an existing blue metal awning with a specific shade of orange using the company’s proprietary high-performance coatings. Aside from providing the exact color the client needed for the rebrand, PaintJet’s technology extends the asset’s lifetime and helps to prevent premature aging.

In Summary

PaintJet is leveraging innovative, state-of-the-art robotics, AI, imaging, drones, data analytics, and proprietary coatings to provide clients in multiple industries with efficient, cost-effective, and professional painting solutions.

The company’s coatings are applied remotely by professionals, significantly enhancing the safety of projects by removing the worker from the most dangerous part of the project: the physical painting job itself. By using advanced robotics, there is no need for time-consuming and burdensome scaffolding. Projects can be completed in a fraction of the time needed for conventional painting jobs.

Technological solutions such as PaintJet’s show how the construction industry is adapting to the changing needs of clients and the industry, demonstrating the key roles Industry 4.0 technologies are playing in multiple sectors today. As the construction industry continues to embrace innovative technologies, the benefits of cost, efficiency, and safety are becoming increasingly obvious to companies.

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