Window Preparation Cuts High Utility Costs With GILA Window Film

With skyrocketing energy costs, homeowners will want to take time to get their house into shape to prepare for the warm weather workouts ahead.

If properly outfitted you can avoid some of the hard-hitting power bills due to trying to stay cool.

"One of the best ways to prepare for summer is to give your home a top to bottom tune-up," says David Kaliser, Business Director for GILA Film Products. "There are simple steps that homeowners can take in order to reduce energy consumption without being uncomfortable. This is a good time for do-it- yourself tasks such as applying window film that can make an immediate impact on utility cost as the temperature climbs."

According to the Energy Information Administration, the summer months historically experience the biggest spike in energy consumption with longer daylight hours and increased temperatures. However, homeowners trying to stay cool during these months not only use the most energy but also pay the highest price per kilowatt hour compared to commercial or industrial users. During the summer, homeowners really are dealt a double blow to their wallets.

"It's alarming to think that the average consumer faces a choice to either put out more cash each summer or sweat it out in the heat at home. The good news is that homeowners can save approximately $400 a year by implementing energy saving techniques throughout in their homes," says Kaliser.

GILA window films can easily be applied to windows by an average do-it- yourself homeowner for about $.80 a square foot. When applied, the films can reflect up to 70 percent of summer heat saving energy and money. While the summer's heat may initiate the homeowner to install window film, the impact of GILA films can be felt year around by retaining up to 55 percent of a home's heat during the winter.

According to GILA's statistics, the films can save a homeowner between 25 percent to 74 percent of their current annual heating and cooling costs. The savings are based on the ability of the film to reduce summer heat gain on windows, which average 40% of a homeowner's monthly utility bill. GILA Window Films can be found in leading home improvement retailers nationwide in four product categories or can be ordered at

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